Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reply: A cell phone and 20 Pesos

Anonymous said...
After reading your book I began carrying a weapon and perhaps more importantly, I'm now much more aware of my surroundings.

Shitty deal for the woman.

It's like you say... most dangerous place is right at the doorstep. (For people in Argentina, apparently.)

Where I live that's far from the truth... the most dangerous place here is near the bars.
July 22, 2009 11:00 PM

Glad you’re taking measures to protect yourself.
Today they were saying on the news, it wasn’t three guys, but actually a couple and a third guy watching out while the couple robbed. They stabbed her in the belly as well, bunch of beasts I hope they at least catch them.
Imagine that: You come back home after work, you find a couple walking around the sidewalk. Who would have thought that the nice couple would end up cutting a pregnant woman’s throat?

Its hard to profile people these days, older people, young kids, you never know who’s going to pull out weapon to rob you.
I’ve mentioned it before, we had several such incidents here and usually the woman are as brutal or worse than the male counterpart.
Not long ago a +70 year old grandma was caught on a security camera robbing a shop, she was the boss and had several teens working along with her. The grandma looked like the granny in the Tweety’s cartoon.

Bars and night clubs, of course they are places were fights usually occur. Nightclubs and bars are pretty dangerous around here, and fights are something that simply happens every night they open, you just try to stay away from them.

But even that is no guarantee of anything.
This weekend for example, a poor guy got killed by a drunk cop in front of a nightclub. Someone supposedly snatched his bag, an the cop confused the innocent guy with the thief. He hit him several times on the head with his issue handgun and as the guy turned and fell, he shot him in the back.


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Anonymous said...

There was a case in Oklahoma I think where a woman with financial problems enlisted her sons, age 12 and 14, to rob people for her. The sons brought along their friends, the vast majority under 18. They robbed mainly other teens and took stuff like cellphones and ipods, small electronics that could be sold for money. The woman communicated with the kids from her car using a walkie talkie, and directed their crimes. They were all arrested, and everybody except the 12 year old went to jail.