Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Book review on RcPowers Tomorrow

Hi guys,

Seems Dave from RC Powers is going to be reviewing my book this Thursady so you might want to check it out.

First heard of RcPowers when they started doing their videos, they mentioned me an linked here in one of their survival or business vids.

RC Powers LINK

I saw their videos, liked them a lot and recommended them here to the readers.

There’s the gear review and survival videos, and also the videos on business which I like a lot because they present internet business in a very authentic and informed manner. He’s clearly done a lot of research (talking about months or even years) for his own business and everyone interested in starting one can learn a lot from him and the people he recommends.

Last night I saw some videos from the TV Wine guy he recommends, very good material.

As of next week, they’ll be compressing the self improvement videos into Mondays, that will include survival, fitness and health, and internet business. That’s pretty much survival, staying in shape and learning how to make money, all things which I’d recommend.:)

No, we’re not working together or anything, just think similarly.

Take care folks.


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