Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A cell phone and 20 Pesos

That’s what 3 bad guys took after murdering a 40 year old woman, 5 months pregnant with twins.
They attacked when she was entering her home in the district of San Martin, Buenos Aires. They forced her inside and slit her throat. She managed to get outside but still bleed to death. She had been going throw treatment for a long time to get pregnant.
Good luck with getting mercy from these kind of animals.
Gun, knife, lots of ammo and the knowledge to use both people, at all times.



Anonymous said...

After reading your book I began carrying a weapon and perhaps more importantly, I'm now much more aware of my surroundings.

Shitty deal for the woman.

It's like you say... most dangerous place is right at the doorstep. (For people in Argentina, apparently.)

Where I live that's far from the truth... the most dangerous place here is near the bars.

Shambhala said...


Animals like these thrive in our big cities also: Pittsburgh, Houston, Denver, Detroit

Anonymous said...

IMO the best weapon to use against a knife wielding bandit is another knife. Knives are popular weapons for robbers because they can be hidden easily, there's usually few laws governing them, and they are effective, more effective than a gun in many cases.

For a while here in California the Mexican street thugs would carry knives because many of them would be stopped regularly and frisked for guns, but it's not illegal to carry a knife here (unlike a gun) so they would have large fight knives in chrome sheaths strapped prominently around a lower leg.

It was about that time, mid 1990s, that I was carrying a folding knife around with me when I lived in San Francisco, which is an old style city where everything is close together and people walk everywhere. I should buy another folding knife and start carrying it.

Joseph said...

I disagree with Anonmyous' comment. There is a saying about knife fights: The winner goes to the hospital, the loser goes to the morgue. To me a knife is a secondary weapon, better to avoid physical contact if possible and use a pistol.

CapnRick said...

It is sad about the pregnant lady. Sadder still, there is little chance that the murderers will get caught.

Regarding gun-versus-knife, I have two favorite responses. (1) it's dumb to bring a knife to a gun fight (2) in any fight, a gun is the equivalent of a millionth degree black belt.

Anonymous said...

For those that think this can't happen in America... last week in my mother-in-law's middle class Atlanta neighborhood, three thugs pointed a gun at her neighbor and told him to hand over his car keys. He did so, then turned to walk in his front door. They shot him in the back, and didn't even take the car.

As his wife was driving him to the hospital, she passed the thugs walking down the street, as cool as cucumbers. She was driving by them, on the phone to the police describing her location... but naturally the police didn't catch them.