Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Emergency Homeschooling

Because of the A flu pandemic, school has been canceled and kids are now staying home all over Buenos Aires and in most provinces.
All of a sudden parents are forced to homeschool, something that, unlike USA, we’re not used to.
As far as I know the only legal education alternative you can have here is regular schools, never heard of anyone homeschooling in Argentina and I doubt there is anyone.
Because of this new situation, the government just now launched a website to help people with all this. (its all in Spanish, of course)


It’s just an example of how things suddenly happen.
A couple months ago I never would have though that homeschooling was something I’d have to worry about, yet here we are.
One thing I’ve got to give Argentines: Man, we’ve learned to adapt quick to whatever life throws our way.



Wendy said...

I have been homeschooling my children for many years, and so it's just part of our way of life, but I think if our communities here were to mandate "emergency" homeschooling, a lot of parents would have a really hard time. Kudos to you for your ability to adapt - and quickly.

Best of luck - and remember, the Internet is a homeschooler's best friend :). There are a lot of great educational resources - for free.

owlfan said...

Are they saying how long schools will be closed?

What about businesses?

Has the flu turned any more deadly there recently?

Anonymous said...

That's terrible. I am curious how families where both parents work outside the home are caring for their children? Are there day care centers set up?

CapnRick said...

The BsAs expat community seems to think that it is illegal to homeschool here, so I am glad the situation is improving in that regard. I will send you some links from the other sites. There may be some resources you can use.