Friday, July 24, 2009

Reply: Bugging in and water treatment


I was reading your quarantine observations post the other day about
the struggles to stay entertained while bugging in. I am definitely
the type to go a little stir crazy when stuck in close quarters, I
need some privacy for a while to get refreshed. I know its hard to
do while you are in quarantine situation, but it helps to keep things
in perspective. I read an article last week http://www.abc.net.au/
news/stories/2009/07/15/2625941.htm that describes a simulated mars
mission test recently completed. Five astronauts were locked in a
cramped capsule for 105 days to simulate a trip to mars. They wanted
to study the effects on mental health. Imagine being stuck in a
capsule with five other jokers for that long, breathing each others
recycled farts all day long. I will try to remember how good I have
it if I am isolated in a house with my family for some time.

On another topic, I recently purchased a katadyn water filtration
system. If you use something similar, have you needed to replace the
carbon filter elements more often due to the high chlorine levels in
your water? I may have the wrong idea of how your water is there, do
you have to boil, and then filter to use it? Do you shower with city
water, or filter first and use a solar shower?

Take care,


Thanks for the link.
We’re going out a bit more now for a bit of distraction, still avoiding places where a lot of people gather and such. It’s very cold down here these days, and a new peak of flu is expected soon.
Games and distractions help, but most of all what we’ve learned is that everyone has to try to be extra patient with each other.

About the water filter. The greatest problem I’ve found wasn’t chlorine, but having clean water that doesn’t clog the pre filtering cup. Tap water isn’t very good in Argentina, and its even worse in the southern suburbs where I live.
For a Katadyn filter I’d definitely pre filter the larger particles with a coffee filter so as to extend the life of the filter. Chlorine gets filtered rather well and it should be ok as long as you replace the cartridge after using it to filter the amount of gallons its designed for (aprox. Give or take) .
Good purchase by the way, Katadyn filters are top notch.
We don’t boil water, we just use the filter for cooking and drinking.
Here tap water is barely potable ( according to the water company themselves, small children and pregnant women shouldn’t drink it) it’s ok for showering but the excess of chlorine may leave the skin too dry and itchy sometimes.



Don Williams said...

1) I've seen some posters refer to the robbers who killed the pregnant woman as "animals". Could someone come up with a more accurate term, please?

2) Some animals kill for food or in self-defense or out of fear, but I don't know of any animals who are evil in the way that human psychopaths are evil.

Outside of humans , where does one find sadists or torturers in the animal world?

3) Plus animals largely lack our intelligence -- and hence are less of a danger than a human being who is watching you and plotting an ambush.

Probably by setting you up with an appearance of helplessness, a disguise, and an appeal for help based on your moral values.

The one time a mugger got a drop on me was decades ago -- when I let him into my car because he appealed for help in escaping from some robbers who were chasing him. In that case, I gave him $20 --figuring the lesson was worth it.

Anonymous said...

See if you local hardware-type store has "shower filters". They remove most of the chlorine, and usually last about 6 months with normal use. You will find you have less skin problems when you are not constantly bathing it in chlorine.

Sgt. Psycho