Wednesday, December 2, 2009

3 is 2, 2 is 1 & 1 is none.


I am writing you from rural, southern Virginia in the USA...I am a 55 year old guy (with family). I want to say you are doing a superb job of informing awake people, especially in the USA, of what exactly happens during an economic collapse. In our case, a collapse of empire. Everyone here still says "it can't happen here"...man are they wrong...it is collapsing around us in SLOW MOTION but most all people are too asleep or blind or in denial. Millions are losing their jobs. Millions are losing their houses. Trillions of dollars has been thrown to the criminal banking elite while the citizenry is going down in flames. The government is lying about ALL statistics, just as you say they do in Argentina. Some of the investment newsletter writer gurus like Doug Casey paint a picture of Argentina as the utopia to escape TO...seems I believe you more than them!! I would also imagine that you take some "heat" for your views and reporting??

I study this immensely but I have not seen the type of info, clear, honest, precise, intelligent, creative, useful...that you present in the way that you present it. Your interview YOUR FUTURE BOOKS was correct in that everyone is preparing for a wilderness survival or a nuclear holocaust...not the grinding, slow, dangerous, economic collapse you write about. I wish you were here living at my homestead where I'm trying to gather like-minded, aware people together to face this as a small community...safety in numbers. I didn't quite understand what you meant by 3 is 2, 2 is 1, 1 is zero?????

I want to be supportive so I'm buying your book. And I REALLY look forward to your continuing video series. Offering it freely is truly noble. Maybe when you're done, package all 16 videos on a DVD and sell it?? Please continue doing what you are doing. I'd love to know more about you. You are a seer and a soothsayer, and obviously a good person and I don't say that lightly. If ever in the Virginia or North Carolina area... you'd be most welcome.

Wishing you the best,


Hi Mike, thanks a lot for your support and kind words.
First allow me to clarify about the GTA course. The weekly videos of the Grab the Apple Preparedness course aren’t free. I uploaded Week 1 as a sample for people to have an idea of what the course is about.
For those interested, Luke explains things better at the GTA website.

The world is changing in ways a lot of people simply didn’t expect.
SO many people, even “survivalists”, are finding themselves ill prepared for what’s happening and what will continue developing for many years.
Now that Joe average lost his job, the retreat they bought is now just burning a hole in his pocket. All the tactical gear he bought for fighting the hoards of zombie looters stays home even if the neighborhood is doing down hill. The only weapon that he will ever get to use being the handgun he probably never bothered to carry on daily basis before.
You see, that’s the problem:
People assumed that preparing for the worst possible scenario they could think of, they were planning for everything in between as well.
Preparing for unrealistic fantasies is not preparing for realistic events.
There’s a big difference.
Regarding 3 is 2, 2 is one and 1 is none, I believe it’s an old military expression, first heard it from my good friend Nomad2nd and I liked it because it ringed true in many ways.

In a nutshell, it means that if you don’t have spares for the essential, your walking a border line, being just one item away of being without it.
For example, for certain essential items in survival such as means of making fire or a knife, you should have spares in case the item used get broken or lost some way.
Same applies for firearms, that’s why some people carry backups.
For essential items, its important to be redundant, just in case.
My keychain and pocket contents alone, I’ve planned things so as to have a couple spares for cutting tools, fire making and flashlights.
For other essential gear such as firearms, its important to follow the 3 is 2, 2 is 1 and 1 is none rule as well.

Firearms break, and there are many other situations where you may need a spare.
When my Glock got stolen in Pinamar during a home robbery, I was glad to have other handguns available. If you use you firearm in self defense, consider your gun gone for a while, until cops are done with it.



Anonymous said...

it's a NASA standard.
Triple Redundancy.
up in outer space, you have
what you have. Stage One:
everything's fine, then
something fails.
Option A: replace failed part.
Option B: have a backup for that.
Option C: have another backup.
down to earth options....
you have a job, but lose it.
A: get another job.
B: you have $ savings.
C: you have real goods to barter.


Anonymous said...

Now I understand your EDC pocket contents better. I couldn't get why you had so many multi-tools. Having unintentionally dropped things over the side of a boat or shoreside at the deep side of a lake & watched things as they shimmered & fluttered to the unreachable bottom, I say, ah-so I understand now.

Betchya were feeling a great loss when you had your GLOCK stolen, that would hurt. I've really gotten to like mine & the S&W .38 backup probably wouldn't feel like a great consolation.

Anonymous said...

Ferfal, for those who have never experienced a real-world currency collapse, it is a deeply disturbing & surreal experience. It redefines how you see the world.

I lived in Moscow from '93-'95 working as a private contractor to the U.S. government. I lived out in town, just like a regular Russian, except that I was priviledged to be paid in dollars, not rubles. People were destroyed as the ruble collapsed. Gang violence went through the roof as they vied for territory. (I'm not making this up) Car bombings became normal. Drive-by grenade attacks and shootings occurred daily.

Some days the ruble lost up to 20% of its value. As soon as my Russian friends got paid they'd rush over to me (& other westerners) in hopes of selling their rubles as fast as possible (I only needed so many to get by each day.) 'Good' young women (law students, etc.) resorted to prostitution because there was no other way to make money. It was an awful and very sad thing to witness.

But I'm glad I did, because now I understand. I "get it" now. I hear all these young 20-somethings running around saying, "it could never happen here; this is America".

BS. It could ABSOLUTELY happen here. It can happen ANYWHERE, and it's going to be a gut-wrenching experience for everyone. It makes me think of my grandparents' generation who came of age just as the Great Depression hit. It redefined their lives. I remember as a kid, my grandmother would 'steal' all the little sugar packets at Denny's & IHOP, and stuff all the left-over biscuits in her purse as we left. Her house was PACKED with hoarded supplies; no space was wasted.

I always thought, "What the heck is wrong with her? She doesn't need all that crap!"

Well, 'yes', she DID need all that crap. It gave her reassurance. It made her feel safe. She never forgot what it was like to be hungry. I'm afraid her past is our future.


Anonymous said...

If one can afford to move out of the city and out of danger for months or perhaps a year if necessary until things settle down, that would be a very good thing. Talking with 30 to 50 year old fathers who are not prepared and are in the process of waking up, many say their plan is to take what they need by force.

Hopefully the Fed can engineer this with the cooperation of other major central banks, to collaspe slowly, yet there is a good chance that it will be hard and fast. We simply cannot know. The U.S. will not be nearly as stable as the USSR was for many reasons. Orlov, I believe, wrote a good analytical peice comparing the USSR and the US.