Saturday, December 5, 2009

Altoids kit, EDC and SEK.


I just got your book from my brother, and have been reading it and making lists to prepare myself in the event that the SHTF.

When preparing my ALTOIDS Tin and BOB, how do you fit all of the items you have listed in them...I am starting to accumulate the inventory you mentioned to put in the M1936 "musette" as well, and am a bit challenged.....

Thanks for your comprehensive writings, I hope I never have to use them, however, in the event I do, I know that I will be better prepared than 99% of the general population in the US.



Hi Regis (cool name by the way)
Here’s a pic of my little Altoids kit. I find myself digging into it often for the coins and floss. :-) I think it’s a good kit overall.
How do I fit all into it? Lots of patience. :-)
If you can’t make it all fit then try another container. I kind of started collecting small tins and such for these little kits.
I have a very nice one that was given to me as a gift.
Also found one in an antique store, stainless nice size, and I believe its used for surgical tools.

Altoids Kit Post

My EDC stuff is still pretty much the same. The multitool went from my car kit to my edc bag, then got replaced with the Leatherman Charge Tti I reviewed not long ago. There are other minor differences and some items updated, but its still pretty much the same.

Mi EDC Post

Notice the hand sanitizer. This post is from January 2009, before the A flu hit us. When you cover the basics, such as hand hygiene in a populated area with general poor standards, you sometimes cover other areas as well simply becuase you cover a base you know is delicate.

You should have no problem fitting what’s pictured in a musette bag, or other shoulder bag. Mine is ½ empty so as to leave enough space for whatever I need to carry that day.

Different story with my car Survival/emergency kit. That pack is pretty full with all the stuff I would need in many situations.

Car SEK Post.

Hope that helps and gives the rest of you guys some ideas.


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