Saturday, December 12, 2009

Installation of a Security Door

The job is done by a local company that has been in business for several decades. The job is done using the existing door.
In this case this door is extremely safe but not bulletproof even though it would stop some smaller calibers.
The door has a 2mm thick sheet of steel, soldered together with omega frames and the special lock.

First the door is removed early in the morning while the door is taken away and customized. The spare door left isn’t much of a door. The security door is installed in the afternoon of that same day.

All 4 sides have bolts going into the metal frame, the metal frame had concrete powered into place so it requires some serious machinery to bring all the setup down.

Exterior wood Finish.

Door finished.
The original lock is still in place, mostly in case another person has to access the place but you don’t trust the person with the security lock.
This work costs 380 USD, for roughly 450USD thicker metal sheet is used to make it handgun bulletproof.


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Anonymous said...

Excellent post - but as additional precaution, pounding in some solid wood wedges at door head and jambs @ top and bottom would be extra safe. Some scrap 2x would all it would take.

The laminate is a good idea, but I wonder if showing the door as extra reinforced would give the BGs reason just to go to the next house and forgo all of the extra trouble to get into this one?