Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Low Discharge Rate Rechargeable Batteries

AA and AAA rechargeable batteries combined with LEDs flashlights and headlamps saved me a lot of money back when blackout where very common.
When blackouts occur every day or so you use batteries up faster than you’d think.
When there was power I would recharge my batteries and since power went down just a few days later I still had them charged.
The problem with average NiMh rechargeables is that after a few days they start losing power, and if you don’t use them for some weeks their charge may have gone down significantly.
To solve this I always keep stock of good old Duracells that are to expire around 2015.

Sony Cycle Energy AA Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries (4-Pack)

But now there are low discharge rate rechargeable batteries that can hold up to 90% of their charge for a year. That’s pretty good.
I’m extremely pleased so far with the LDR ( low discharge rate) batteries by Sony called Cycle Energy.
I’m using these in my digital camera and in several of my flashlights and so far is performing even better than I expected.
With my camera, even using 2500 mAh rechargeables, the batteries don’t run for as long as the Sony Cycle Energy, even if the Sonys are supposedly 2000mAh. That’s because the actual charge is greater with the Cycle Energys.
Buy good batteries like these ones and don’t go buying cheapo rechargeables like I did at first. No comparison and worth the money once you see the difference. I had these Sony Cycle Energy for several months, recharged them many times, used them a lot and still perform well.



Anonymous said...

I've not seen those from Sony but I prefer to use the Sanyo Eneloop batteries. I've found them to be less expensive then Energizer or Sony brands in my A.O.

Loquisimo said...

You can buy the US version of these batteries from Fry's Electronics in California (they ship all over the US):


I didn't search for the Sony brand charger, but Fry's carries plenty of chargers.