Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Home Invasions in Texas

In Central Texas home invasions used to be a very rare occurance. Maybe happened ounce every several years. Lately it seems like they've been happening every other day. They're not as violent as other countries yet just the usual beating up and stealing. The overall trend is not good. The one before this last one was four armed guys. Usually before it was just two or sometimes one. The last one was two armed guys however they tried to kick in a bathroom door where a 12yr old girl was taking a bath and hiding. The trend is going in the wrong direction. Phoenix now has the second highest kidnap rate in the world behind Mexico City. As the economy slips gently further into the abyss I only see it getting worse. I don't expect any help from a government that no longer works for the people. Just like in that bad movie District 9, we are slowly becoming the Prawn. We're caught between an increasingly corrupt government and an amoral thuggish society. That being said, I would like to encourage Americans while the still can to buy a 18-20 inch barrel shotgun for home defense. Have a handgun too, but for the house use the shotgun. We can still find them on sale for under $200. I would recommend a Browning BPS, Mossberg Persuader, Remington 870, Mossberg or Rem Youth 20g. They're all good and all less than $350. It should be equipped with a flashlight or/and a laser. The pistol grip persuader must have a laser. For smaller individuals get a 20g or 410. A cloth shell holder can be put on the buttstock and costs less than $5. The racking and blasting of a shotgun is very discouraging to home invaders and you will not be outgunned. Over penetration is not as much of an issue, which is good for you and your neighbors. As the thugs get bolder, smarter, and grow in numbers some will use short shotguns. Don't be outgunned. When you're home keep it within a short distance and when you're not home lock it in a good safe.


Hi Texan, I'm sorry buddy. Those things sound very familiar. Sounds similar to Argentina in 2000-2001

It eventually gets to a point where unless you're very serious about security, you'll suffer the consequences.

The shotgun is a wonderful weapon, but I'd also recommend having handy a big bore, reliable pistol.

Take care you all. Please, read some of the older posts here about home security, install a GOOD door, protect windows, at teh very least with anti vandalizing window film and have a family talk about security.



Gus said...

I'm Texan, born and bred,and agree with your post.Just one big difference with Argentina.In Texas you can have all the guns you want and just about anything but full automatic. And most Texans do.You can carry a pistol in your vehicle, no permit necessary.The only gun permit required is to carry a concealed weapon and it is easy to obtain, unless your a have an arrest record or can't shoot.Along with the increase in crime is the wounding and killing of criminals by honest citizens. Under the Texas Castle Law you can use deadly force to protect your property or yourself.
I carry a Springfeild XD 45 cal. semi automatic and a double edge boot knife on my person. I have a 12ga. Mossberg with a pistol grip in my truck.Needless to say I have more than average protection in my house.Now this is not to say that crime is going to go away but it puts a big dent in it.Also we are executing criminals on a regular basis.Not just to detour crime but to get rid of the Bastards.
And if you call the cops they do their job.Sure, there's crooked cops just like crooked people in every profession.But their number is minute and most of them are caught and punished. There's no place like Texas and I love it.God Bless America.

Loquisimo said...

What do you think about a rifle? I was thinking maybe a .22LR (too small?) or something similar. Maybe a Winchester rifle like the 73, or a Garand. For a pistol, a .50 caliber would be nice, as it will kill an intruder DEAD, first time, and make a very LARGE hole. Some guy used a .50 pistol in a shootout with the cops near Redding, and the holes it made were several INCHES in diameter. A shotgun won't necessarily kill the first time, and if some thug is in your house you need him dead with the first shot.

Anonymous said...

A good list, but...the Saiga .12 gauge, built on the indestructible and time tested AK platform should be listed as a reliable semi-auto home defense shotgun!


chinasyndrome said...

Hey Ferfal,car jacking,hm intrusions on rise here in Indy too, latest intrusion,Hm owner shot in stomach 12yr old son pistol whipped.hm owner apparently not armed,too bad!

Mayberry said...

things are relatively quiet here in Corpus Christi, but the Mexican gangs are getting bolder this past year. I've got a 12 guage handy, and I'm surrounded by neighbors who will shoot first and ask questions later. I do need to get a larger, center fire pistol (I'm thinking .357 magnum), but I'm thinking food storage takes precedence at the moment, with the food crisis looming for next year. Crops were devastated in Texas this year, and other states, as well as other parts of the world. Being on a very limited budget, it's a tough choice for me. But I've got places in the country to bug out to (which I will do before things get too bad), places where I have a tight knit group of like minded individuals. I'm talking 30 people or more, so 24/7 security will not be a problem. We have a large garden there. So maybe the pistol would be a better investment? But then again, ammo is scarce for .357, 9mm, .380, .45ACP, etc... What do you think?

Anonymous said...

The 870 is the way to go. I love mine and need to get more defense ammo (slugs and 00 buck). Selecting ammo for a SG is key--don't get bird loads, you need 00 buck or slug!

If you're into sporting you can drop in a longer choked barrel to hunt/shoot trap but I recommend having a short barrel on for defense. I have the 18" smooth bore.

Anonymous said...

I thought most of the U.S. home invasions, especially in Phoenix, were drug-dealer-on-drug-dealer. That has been the case in my state MA).


Anonymous said...

While I like shotguns for the reason they can quickly incapacitate, the .410 is not a choice. 12ga with low recoil 00Buck from Winchester is the same used by those in law enforcement who are recoil sensitive. Depending on the shotgun, the felt recoil may be similar to that of most 20ga. 12ga ammunition is common and less expensive than 20ga. I also object to the use of flashlights mounted on the shotgun. The light makes you an easy target. If a flashlight needs to be used, use it with a handgun in the right hand and the flashlight in the left hand and away from the body. Keep it in constant motion, high above the head, extreme to the side, arcing etc as you scan.
There are some great training videos demonstrating the technique. This is dangerous business. Personally, I'd rather they came to me.

BTW, Arrow Truck Lines just shut down and without warning. These guys are huge and haul for the military. I believe things will get exciting soon.


Anonymous said...

The sound of a shell being racked into the chamber of a pump shotgun is known in our area as a "Michigan Burglar Alarm". That always makes me wince on the TV commercials for the alarm services, the perp breaks in the door and the 1st thing the home owner does is answer the phone! Also, I used to work with a former police officer from Memphis, Tennessee, and he says the the alarm services and the police were both pretty much indifferent about responding in a timely manner.

Anonymous said...

H&R just came out with a new shotgun called the Preditor(?). Very reasonably priced($~$180.00MSRP and set up for this very purpose.

Anonymous said...

...hey, Gus...check into the law...the double edge is a no-no in Tx. unless you're LEO---try a Kabar TiDi...legal and fast...don't go down on a bum rap...you'll lose your CCW over it...

Anonymous said...

This 5'2", 115 pound Texas lady carries a 12 gauge Mossburg shotgun with pistol and choke grips and an 18" barrel (smaller individuals don't need a 20 gauge!), and a Glock Model 21. My husband has too much stuff to list. We are typical of the average homeowner in my area. :)

While the nearest major city (60 miles) is overrun with Mexican gangs and related violence, there have been no home invasions in my community in recorded history.

For now, at least, they're busy with more docile sheep. I hope it stays that way for a long time.