Sunday, December 6, 2009

911 call: Lady shoots intruder

These situations will become more and more common, so its better to learn from previous incidents.

Overall, this is a good worst case scenario: A single attacker, obviously not being cautious about being detected. As terrible as killing a man is, this is the less complicated type of home invasion form a defensive perspective.

Last week a 70 year old man had a much worse situation here in Buenos Aires, 3 intruders went inside with his son kept at gun point.
They asked for the money he cooperated, they went to the closet and when he pretended to reach out for money, as he said " here, take the money and leave" he brought out a 9mm and started shooting. Killed 2 attackers and the 3rd one escaped wounded. The bad guys had kidnapped a 14 year odl boy before, typical of the crime spree we see here often where several crimes and robbeires are commited one after another.
3 vs 1 is tought. Specially with a hostage, I dont think I would have done it unless I see a clear opportunity for some reason. Maybe this man did.
LOTS of luck for such an outcome folks. But it does happen and every bit of training and awareness you have to avoid these situations entirely helps.



Patrick said...

Yeah that´s my fear, not for my own personal sake, but íf I´m semi-isolated in the country and I´ve got family inside the house, and there are a significant number of intruders. I was thinking about designing a house in a keep-like manner, where the stairwell to the second floor (where the most valuable things in your home, your family, are sleeping in the most vulnerable hours) is walled with brick, with a few portholes, and has a panic-room quality door. I´d imagine if you´ve got the layout of the house, lighting (dark but you have thermal goggles) and then are a decent shot, you could fend off a bunch of folks. Of course, can´t do that on a budget, so I have to relegate that to fantasy for now and admit that I´d probably be at the mercy of a large gang of intruders to leave me and my kind alive.

Probably the cheapest way to defend against a scalable number of intruders is to have two dogs, one inside and one outside, trained against accepting food, and neighbors who are also packing and know how to shoot within 100 meters.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the woman let things get too out of a hand. I'm sure a warning shot while the baddy was still outside would have been sufficient to keep him out.

After all noone wants to kill anyone and the guy was probably hopped up on drugs.

Anonymous said...

Good thing the lady lived in Oklahoma. They have very good self defense laws including the "make my day" law which allows you to defend yourself anyplace you have a legal right to be not just your home. This is also a good example of how the police won't be there for you when you really need them.

Pitt said...

"Unfortunately the woman let things get too out of a hand. I'm sure a warning shot while the baddy was still outside would have been sufficient to keep him out.

After all noone wants to kill anyone and the guy was probably hopped up on drugs."

To the 1st Anon-
I hope you realize that in many cases, firing a warning shot is illegal. The looks at it as if you only felt like you needed to fire a warning shot, then you really were not in danger for you life. The homeowner in this case clearly satisfied the law in her actions. A single woman, isolated, alone and trapped in her house by an apparently deranged home invader is an open and shut self-defense shooting. Besides, the man clearly had to have been able to see that she had a shotgun (that's all the warning he gets).

She obviously did the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI. In carry classes, they'll tell you to not talk to cops. Basically, call them, tell them they need to send lights and sirens, and then hang up. Call your lawyer. Don't consent to a search and don't answer questions.

Now, she's a woman and scared and the 911 person said she needs to defend herself, but the whole, "I'm sorry thing" can get you in major trouble depending on the jury's stance and the prosecution/cop's moods.

No doubt you are sorry you had to do it, but being sorry on record can mean you did something wrong. Call the lawyer who isn't freaking out to make sure you don't say or do something stupid.

Shambhala said...

Ese hombre tiene cojones the acero