Thursday, December 10, 2009

Your first defensive handgun

Here's a short clip y made when I did the Firearms week of the GTA course



Anonymous said...

Laser sighting is essential in defensive fast moving situations. It's not about size it's about placement.

Anonymous said...

please consider this:
your first defensive handgun could
be your first handgun. my opinion:
have one. whatever kind. sometimes, just showing that you have one is
enough to deter attack. just like
your first car...it doesn't have to
be the best, but you do need one.
AFTER you get your First one, then
you know what you Really Need for
the Second One.


Anonymous said...

K.I.S.S. when you need it most your batteries will be dead in that laser sight.

Uncle George said...

I agree with you about the .357 SIG. A Glock 32 is my everyday carry firearm. The .357 SIG is extremely powerful and I have a lot more rounds in the magazines than with my .45 ACP pistols. I prefer laser sights, but some people don't like them.

At my weekly shooting group, the leader said I was shooting with a "hand held nuke". It can sometimes blow the paper target out of the clips whenever we are practicing close range shots at 3 - 5 yards.

.357 SIG rounds are expensive, but a person's life is valuable.

Anonymous said...

PLACEMENT:it's all about placement. a .44 magnum miss is NOT more powerful than a 9mm hit.
HIGH CAPACITY: does not allow more misses, it allows you to engage more targets.