Saturday, December 12, 2009

Reply: Dmitry's Comments

Again, thanks Dmitry.
You have to understand that America is still going through the first stages of the economic crisis. Right now the greatest concern is economic, not as much fear for physical danger. As time goes by and the consequences of the crisis affect other areas, I’m sure security will become a much greater concern.

I fully agree with what you where saying, about doors, security, and cooking.
Our natural gas system is pretty study and old school, most gas distribution systems aren’t as fragile as electric power, for example.

Still, I have a couple gas stoves, one with a big tanks that can be used for a couple weeks if used with discretion.
Also, what you say about the door and windows, you are so right. Exact same situation here.
Cheapo Doors dont work! The link you posted clearly shows it:

A real secuirty door is VERY different. As a matter of fact, I’m working on a post about security doors now, I’ll include some pics of the company doing its thing and post it later on today.
What they do is replace the door of the client with one that has a metal sheet 2mm thick with a soldered omega shaped structural frame. Of greater importance is the lock: A security lock that locks on all 4 sides, AND they leave the old lock too in case you have to allow access of your house to someone else for whatever reason, you can just give them that key and not the security one.

As I said before, its surprising but there are lots of coincidences and similarities between the way people cope with problems here, and in your home country Russia.
Take care Dmitry and of course we are very interested in learning form you.

DanT has an interesting question:

DanT said...
Dimitry, Thank you for your interesting and informed articles.

I was wondering if you can tell me if you found that smaller towns, population of 50,000 or 100,000 coped better than the large cities.

Where did people live that enabled them to go through the event with the least turmoil.

Thanks again.


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