Wednesday, April 28, 2010

101 Uses: Baking Soda

Yesterday I received a nice bag for every day carry. I wanted something for my upcoming trip to USA that looked a bit better than what I usually carry around here, my old musette canvas bag or the MKVII gas mask bag. This bag is sturdy, big, looks good, well made… and it stinks. It’s made of camel leather, and it stinks like a dirty camel. I don’t know if its camel urine, camel poop, bit its just too much. I’m ok with a bit of scent, but I can’t go around smelling like zoo compost.
Searching for tips, I found one suggesting covering the bag with plenty baking soda, and leaving it wrapped in a bag for a week or so. Apparently that worked for this person with the same camel leather problem.
Anyway, all this boils down to baking soda. Its well known that it has many uses but its still worth remembering and stocking up on it.

*Its readily available in most stores. Pretty cheap too, so have a good amount stored.
*Its often used for cooking.
*Absorbs and neutralizes odors, so people keep it in the fridge, freezer, small bags can be placed with stored clothes.
*It can be sprinkled on a wet toothbrush and used as tooth paste for a nice white smile.
*Mixed with water, it is used for sore throats and mouth washes.
*Body deodorant, rub some of the powder under the armpit and feet.
*Mixed with some water, it is used to remove stains.
*It is used for polishing metals, as well as general cleaning in the house.
*Mixed with water, it can be used as an alternative liquid soap.
*Mixed with water, its perfect for acid indigestion.

…more tips and advice.



Anonymous said...

Here's a link to aluminum free baking soda.Just sodium bicarbonate.

Anonymous said...

Used Arm&Hammer in the bath to cure an odd rash on my infant that stumped the pediatrician.

Anonymous said...

Sams' Club sells giant bags of Arm&Hammer. I've used it in the bathtub to cure the odd skin rash on my infant that stumped the pediatrician.

Unknown said...

I would doubt it's 'food grade' but the Alkalinity Plus you get for the swimming pool is nothing but sodium bicarbonate and comes in huge buckets.

Unknown said...

I'm dying to know: did it make your camel bag smell good? I should also note that when I read the "and it stinks like a dirty camel" line to my wife we both had a good laugh.