Monday, April 12, 2010

Burglar Bombs

Pretty cool devices. These activate when someone breaks into your home, and releases OC spray that is efective for an hour or so. You can go back in after three or four hours.

Just another system to keep in mind and consider.
No affiliation to the company, jsut read aobut it and tohught I'd share the find. :-)



Anonymous said...

Hi ferfal,

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For what it's worth the dictator who was overthrown had been installed with the help (and money) of George Soros and that internationalist crowd.

Anonymous said...

Probably some liability issues with this one, at least in the States.

Anonymous said...

Thats an interesting system--Thank you

dc.sunsets said...

I read of this years ago and thought it was a great idea for someone storing valuables who wanted to take a vacation. Any safe can be cracked but driving people out with an aerosol OC seems brilliant.

As to liability issues, good luck suing a property owner when you were inside his property without permission. Yes, people have been jailed and successfully sued for leaving deadly booby-traps, but this is quite different. OC sprays are well-known and in common use so the odds of getting a jury to award a burglar for exacerbating his asthma seems pretty damned unlikely.

FerFAL said...

Check just in case, but I'm sure its legal given that its certainly not lethal or harmful, it says it uses food grade pepper . Just sprayed in large ammounts :-)


Just_In_Case_The_SHTF said...

The one thing I would want to know is what the fire department would think if fire fighters got sprayed when entering your home to put out a fire (since you might not be home at the time of the fire).

dc.sunsets said...

@ Justin Case:
Oooh. I hadn't thought of that.

Definitely worth investigating before I make an order.... :-0

Just_In_Case_The_SHTF said...

While this comment has nothing to do with the security system, the larger message is that public safety officials are having their own challenges with new technologies and budget squeezes. This is one area where it may be best for ordinary citizens to remain invisible.

Firefighters get crash course on hybrid rescues

Budget cuts hamper LAPD homicide investigations

Anonymous said...

"As to liability issues, good luck suing a property owner when you were inside his property without permission."

Some states make you liable for (a)damn near anything that happens to invitees, (b) negligence wrt licensees, and even (c) setting traps (sometimes "willful negligence" or "recklessness") for trespassers; yours may vary (which is IMO why another good prep is a trusted attorney on retainer).

And some dirtbag probably won't win on damage to his eyes or lungs since OC is in common use--unless he can prove he actually suffered some damage--but, if he flails around and breaks his neck falling off your porch, you may still be on the hook. And, of course, even when you're completely in the right, you get the opportunity to prove it at hundreds of dollars an hour...

Anonymous said...

I dare a scum bag that tried to get in my house to try and sue me. I will countersue and win. And it will not cost much to do this. Judges hate robbers big time.

Very few burglars want the attention of a lawsuit. It's just not likely to happen.

As for the fire department coming in when you are not there: this is so unlikely I'm not even going to worry about it. But they will have on all the breathing protection face masks anyway so no problem.

You have the right to protect your home. These small risks are worth accepting. If you are really worried post a disclaimer on your front porch!!

This product is brilliant!