Sunday, April 18, 2010

Today's pocket carry

Someone once said in a forum that he didn't trust my gear choices much because I often change it.
I thought this was funny since if we dont upgrade and see what's new (and sometimes better) we'd still be carrying a Swiss Army knife Spartan instead of a multitool and a Mini Maglite 2xAA as our EDC light, something that is today underpowered even compared to keychain LED lights.
This is what I carried today in my pockets to go to the movies with my wife.

Cold Steel Vaquero Grande
Elsa's Clover leaf zippo (Relic Raider's badges)
Leatherman Charge TTi (black pocket clip, less shinny)
Quark Mini 123 Titanium edition (6 modes, 189 Lumens maximum output)
Citizen Titanium Eco-Drive
Keychain (Midnight Minichamp red LED, peanut lighter, Fenix LDO1)
Cold Steel Folding Knife Grande Vaquero  (NOTE: This model is no longer being made by Cold Steel. Get it while its still available)
I also bought a new Midnight Minichamp with a white LED, the old one had a red light for better battery life.
Victorinox Swiss Army Midnite Minichamp, Sapphire


Anonymous said...

I have two friends who refuse to get/carry a multi-tool instead opt for a single blade knife all because.. "that's what they've always carried." They also refuse to carry even a small AAA flashlight or LED push light because "that's what they've always did". Then have to dig around for their mini-mag AA that's tucked away in the glove box or BOB.
People are strange creatures, most will disagree even with facts presented to them and aren't willing to evolve with technology (some of it is just useless junk), they're also usually the ones who complain the loudest.

Wolfen aka "Ravenwolf31" said...

nice knife ferfal!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of updates, have you looked into different style lighters? I used to carry a Zippo regularly but in the last year or two have changed to an IMCO Super Triplex. Same fuel, same flints, and without extensively scientific testing it seems to preserve the fuel longer