Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ammo and silver?

  I bought  your book, thank  you.  I have followed your posting on various web sites
Since your time on frugal squirrel.
  Anyway, my question is related to ammo.
I had a friend who had a ton of 7.62 Nato ammo that he sold to me below his cost
A few years ago as his wife was threatening to divorce him if him if he didn’t get
The ammo reduced, so I got  cases of 7.62 nato for 100 bucks.
  I haven’t shot any in a while, though I do have a couple of Nice FAL rifles (I think
It was on the FALFILEs I saw you first.)  I’ve moved on to AK’s.
  So, I was wondering and thinking, why don’t I sell some of the  7.62 Nato and buy
Some more 7.62 X 39 ammo and then buy some silver with the rest of the money.
How much rifle ammo should I keep?
   I’m not asking you to make my decisions for me, just wondering what you think.
I tend to think like you do that pistols will be more important in a collapsing society.

Thank  you and if  you don’t have time to answer I understand.


Hi K, in the book I give some advice regaridng this, 1000 rounds per handgun or rifle is the minimum I'd go for.
If you're planning on using your AK more, of course get more ammo for it. I'd still keep a healthy amount of 7.62 NATO because I like the ballistics. Your FAL will chew down cover that the AK wont, it will hit further away and it can be set with a scope and adequate mount for 600 yard shots if needed.
Does your situation, your location or your plan dictate for such long range shots or the need of maybe having to defeat cover, requiring more penetration? If the answer is no then I'd just keep a couple hundred rounds of  7.62 NATO and put the rest in 7.62 x 39 mm ammo.
About selling  ammo to buy silver, it would depend on how much ammo you have. If you have 10000 rounds of ammo and no PM savings sure, get the silver. But if you have PM and you're only selling the ammo only to buy more a year or two later, know that you'll probably end up paying more for it, so I'd keep it.



tjbbpgobIII said...

That is a good answer FerFal, the 7.62 x39 is a good round as is the .223. I wish we'd of had some more 7.62x51 in Viet Nam though it sure would chop down some jungle, palm trees and all.

James said...

Remember the guy in Chile that fired over 500 warning shots at looters within 2 weeks of the earthquake? What happens in 4 weeks when he has spent all of his ammunition?
How much ammunition you will need depends on what you need to protect, and from who you need to protect it. It also depends on whether you are preparing for the apocalypse, or just an earthquake. Preparing for the former could require tens of thousands of rounds, but the latter only 1-2 thousand.

Keep up the good work, FerFal.