Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Berkey Guy Introduces The Go Berkey Kit

Video made by one of our Sponsors, Directive 21, about the Go Berkey Kit.



Don Williams said...

Off topic , Ferfal, but what is the word in Buenos Aires re the sentencing just now of former President Reynaldo Bignone over acts in the Dirty War? 25 years for a 82 year old man seems kinda ..uh..redundant.

From http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/21/world/americas/21argentina.html?hp

Anonymous said...

I made my own using one of the four black filters that comes in the large Berkey. Instead of costing $140.00, it might have cost less than $10 using the materials I already had around the house. So, it cost me zero and several hours to produce something that works better as a long term and portable filter, or for backpacking or travel in general. Mine can be hung from a tree limb and a 3 foot hose drips into a canteen. One may sling onto the shoulder and suck on the hose as you walk if no container is available. The plastic housing holding the black berkey filter is water tight and can double as a canteen. A prefilter with a homemade carbon filter slips over the unit and allows one to process the nastest water source. Use many layers of cotton material over my prefilter (essentially a funnel) to remove large debris. With this homemade filter system, one can collect and drink, and I have, from mud puddles.

The processing time of the Berkey 1 qt. unit should be as slow as my own design, and it is slow and relative heavy for backpacking, but but cheap and reliable and may produce up to 4,000 gallons. Save some bucks and dream up your own. A Katadyn pump type may be more to your liking. The water filter in the straw type is the most lightwieght and compact, but the most difficult to use, yet because of it's portablilty, it will be with you when your need it most. The Aquamira Frontier Pro Water Filter costs $23 and can be used in a drip system. If a larger filtering system is needed, buy 2 or 4 of those Berkey filters (the white ones are best.)and install them into the bottom of a plastic bucket such as the 5 gallon food grade bucket and use another 5 gallon buket to catch the water.

Water is much more important than food and should be the first concern. One can become dehydrated within a day and become a danger to themselves and others. If a filter is unaffordable or out of reach, always carry a metal container such as a tin can that can be used for boiling water and a sure means of starting a fire for the purpose of purification. An old pop bottle can fit into an empty tin can. The ability to start a fire under all circustances is be the most important skill you have. Fire can provide drinkable water, and in cold regions in particular, prevent hypotherma.

If chemical means is necessary, the best is Chlor Floc, the same used by the U.S. Military. It does a better job than any other chemical means. Do a search on it. The sealed tablets can fit into a wallet.