Monday, April 26, 2010

Laptops for Argentine students?

I saw a news article about the Argentina government providing laptops to all school children. Is this true, and if so, how is that so considering the economy there? What are you thoughts, and keep up the good work.


Hi K
Yes, there's a project, if it ends like all the other "projects", the money will be spent, no kid in the country will see a single laptop and they'll get sold in a neighboring country! :-)

This all started because Uruguay actually did that (gave a laptop to every kid in school) and the comparison was killing us. "Hey, kids here dont even go to school, and those that do can't read while across the Plate river, Uruguay has given a laptop computer to every single kid!!". It was all over the news and this "project" was the answer to calm things down.
So, because of that, the Ks say they'll eventually do the same here. As of right now,its just talk. Based on previous experiences, the moeny will be spent and nothing will get done.
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Unknown said...

I live in Argentina (canadian), and friends children are in the local high schools, even though their have been several high profile (televised) delivery of these supposed laptops not one has actually gotten into a students hands