Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pocket Carry for Ladies‏

Hello Fernando.
Can you tell us what your wife carries in her pocket(s)?
or purse??

Being a woman, does she carry essentially the same things
you do? Any differences?

Which choices are 'better' for women??

Keep up the blog.


Hi Selene, interesting question!
Seems that mostly guys visit places like EDCforums.com but I bet women have lots of interesting ideas and advice. Comments are more than welcomed! I'd love to hear what women carry as EDC.

Regarding my wife,she carries a purse with a wallet, kleanex, lip balm, cell phone, hard candy, gum, small Sabre Red (Red Pepper & UV Dye) .79oz Pocket Unit w/ClipOC spray can, femenine pad, Keychain with a Fenix E01 Compact LED Flashlight spare AAA battery for the flashlight, small pouch with coins and small bottle of alcohol hand sanitizer.

A few months ago she started carring a Cold Steel 29MC Voyager Clip Point Knife The knife she takes for defense. It´s small so it works for her hands, razor sharp and a clip point with good penetration.
Nothing fancy and its funny to notice that I carry more stuff than her! :-)
I'd say she's missing some sort of multitool, either a small victorinox or Letherman, but she's never been much into it. Now that you mention it I guess I'll get her a Leatherman Micra, its small and practical so maybe she'll carry that in her purse.
Other than that she has the knife and OC spray covered, and she loved the purple Fenix Light EO1 I got for her keychain. Its 15 lumens which works just fine for ordinary uses and lasts for 24 hours give or take. At first she liked it becuase she tought it looked pretty in her keychain, then she liked it beucase she actually ended up using it a lot! :-)



Anonymous said...

As a woman, I didn't want to conceal carry in my purse for a couple of reasons: Stolen purse would hand the thief my weapon and a forgotten purse (has been known to happen a few times in my life) would leave my weapon for whomever found my purse (typically, under the table at a restaurant). Being a 53-year-old "grammie", my grandmotherly (round) body type and frequently wearing dresses didn't lend itself to holsters ~ in OR out of the belt. Finally settled on a holster fanny pack. Leaves both arms free and with the extra pockets I carry it instead of my purse. No one can tell that I'm carrying anything other than things typically found in a purse but yet the pack is built so the weapon can be holstered left or right. Lowering a zipper about 4"-5" provides firearm access with very little movement. It's also great concealment - if I'm being robbed, I can offer to "get my money" from my pack and offer "precious" metal instead.

Teresita Darling said...

I recently began assembling an EDC when I got an EPI-PEN that I had to have on me at all times. I've always been a seat-of my pants, keys and a debit card kinda girl, so it's been interesting to get one together with the idea that I'll carry it all the time. My husband told me he left me a present in the cubby of our minivan, under the radio, and you should've heard me squeal when I saw it was a Leatherman- probably the mini. So far I've got: wallet; leatherman; one blade folding knife; first aid kit; hand sanitizer; pens; notepad; 2 of those plastic bags you get at the store, folded up and tied over themselves; a kit with lotion, lip balm, girl-stuff; a diaper; a water bottle; cell phone; 2 CLIF bars; nail clippers; and an old canvas fold-over wallet with little misc flatish things in it. For starters!

Anonymous said...

Looks like your medium, L & XL Vaquero's are back in production at Cold Steel.


Anonymous said...

Regarding knife carry, the USA is more restrictive with knives than even guns. In many states even if you have a concealed carry permit you cannot carry a knife with a blade over 3 inches (the concealed carry permit only applies to a gun). There is no 2nd amendment protection to the right to carry knives, so be careful. I would not carry one with a blade over 3 inches anywhere.

FerFAL said...

" Anonymous said...

Looks like your medium, L & XL Vaquero's are back in production at Cold Steel.


That's good news!