Friday, April 16, 2010

FerFAL on Twitter

Twitter is pretty simple and I often find some thought or piece of inforamtion I'd like to share but I either have no time or its too short for a blog post.
That's where Twitter will come in handy.
This is my Twitter: Fer_FAL(click on it and clikc "follow")
Take care and have a nice Friday night!



Bones said...

Twits tweet on twitter. ;P

By The Sword said...

Just be careful about twittering your location and status.

Don Williams said...

1) All your Tweets are belong to us:


" The Library of Congress says it's acquired every public tweet since Twitter's service started four years ago.

The implications for Twitter's more than 100 million users could be huge: It runs 55 million tweets every day, which means billions of tweets are being archived.

The data are equivalent to a 1,135-foot-tall stack of CD-ROMs, says Matt Raymond, a spokesman and "tweet-in-chief" at the Library of Congress.

To handle it, the library is organizing many tweets by topics, as it has done for oral histories. When the archive becomes available, likely in the fall, users can view the tweets -- for research purposes only -- at the library in Washington. Selected material might be available online then."

2) Our National Security Agency probably has a few copies as well. heh heh

Anonymous said...

Hi FerFal

Welcome to Twitter! Thought you might be interested in this story.

'Around the world, how far can you get with $10?' - http://bit.ly/9TvuT8 #cnn