Wednesday, July 21, 2010

brother got stabbed + new CS Recon 1 knife‏

Hello Ferfal :)..

I'm a long time reader of your blog and learned quite a lot by reading
you (and did act accordingly btw). A couple of weeks ago, my younger
brother got stabbed by a couple of two legged predators.

That being said, he's now out of danger and ended up VERY lucky ! He was
stabbed only once and the blade didn't go that deep. Just enough to do a
very small cut in the guts but it was repaired fairly quickly. He's okay
and back at home with his loving family.

Let's say that i'm taken a bit more seriously than before and somewhat
less of a nutjob inside the family.

I'm planning to buy him some Pepper spray (should have a long time ago
thought) even if ain't allowed to "prepare" to use it in self defense
against humans in this god forsaken country. No problem with dogs
thought and once used as weapon of opportunity, it can be considered
lawful by a judge.

Now, about knives.. After theses sad events, my trusty Buck Vantage pro
feel a bit puny in my pocket and i'm thinking for something a tad bit
bigger. I'd like to ask you if you have an opinion about the Cold Steel
Recon 1 with the new tri-ad lock :).

And if yes, would you take the clip point plain edge blade or the tanto

Thank you for your invaluable information that you provide so generously .

Hi! Sorry to hear about your brother.
It’s a very good idea to carry OC, both for your brother and yourself. Even some people that carry both firearms and knives, they carry OC spray too because it gives you a tool to deal with some of the “gray scale” situations that don’t call for lethal force.

Its use though must be understood. Don’t expect immediate stop, you need a certain range to use it, and if it was a close quarter incident like the one your brother was apparently involved in, its not likely to save you from getting stabbed. Oc Spray must be combined with precaution and awareness so as to have the space and range to use it properly.

Even with knives, you should combine it with good physical condition, some basic knowledge of how to use it, at least a couple knife fighting classes, and most of all the determination so as to not doubt about using it to do the greatest amount of damage possible if in comes to that. With folding knives, you should lose count of the times you brought it out of your pocket and opened it per day, only when it becomes second nature to do so will you have a chance of doing it properly under stress.

Cold Steel 27LCH Recon 1 Clip Point Knife

 Cold Steel 27LCH Recon 1 Clip Point Knife
The Cold Steel Recon is interesting. The brand is good, the new lock is strong and the blade shape is proper for defense too, it has a good thickness to it and will create an significant wound. I’d go for the clip point blade. Tantos usually do better at punching in holes and I like them a lot, but this one is too wide and I’m afraid that with that 80% angle tip they pushed it too hard and you’ll lose some puncturing power, the clip point will go through much easier.



Loyalist said...

I went with the CRKT M21™ Special Forces- Black G10 Handle, AutoLAWKS®, Veff Combo Edge http://www.crkt.com/M21-Special-Forces-Black-G10-Handle-AutoLAWKS-Veff-Combo-Edge it got good reviews in a magazine I read and I've been happy with it.

Unknown said...

If you look around some of the smaller gun or knife shops you can probably pick up a CS El Hombre knife for very very cheap. I found one in a local shop and got it for less than half of the ticketed price.

I immediately spent hours just opening and closing it because my hands get bored and like to be doing something. I am glad that I did this because I have yet to hand it to the person that can immediately open it with one hand quickly and reliably. It seems to be something that takes practice.

Uncle George said...

As someone who carries a firearm, I also carry a knife and pepper spray. One can easily end up in a situation where use of a firearm is not justified or just too risky (crowded public areas, inside a building with thin walls, etc.). Pepper spray and a knife give you two alternative levels of force for self defense. A cane or walking stick is also very handy in such situations. A flashlight such as an E2D is useful for close in situations.

One should not be in a situation where the only options available are a verbal order or a shooting. This can have very serious legal consequences for the shooter.

Anonymous said...

I am interested in a stab proof jacket. But I haven't been able to find a seller. Anyone know where to get one.