Monday, July 19, 2010

Future classes and training inTexas

Mr. Aguirre,
Again, I truly enjoy reading your blogs and your book! I live in Dallas, Texas, and unfortunately wasn't able to meet with you when you recently visited us. I know that you and your family are planning on moving to the US soon, is there any possibility that you will settle in the Dallas area? It would be really cool to have you here! Don't know if you'd be interested or not, but getting everyone together a couple of times a year or so for different training would be a nice thing.

Hope all is well, and stay safe!


Indeed the plan is to move to Texas next year, and yes I'm organizing so as to put together urban survival classes every now and then once I moved over there. Of course other training you may have in mind is welcomed as well, count me in if there's shooting :)

The idea is to have complementary training to what you learn in shooting schools, but running real world role playing force on force situations. Still brainstorming but I can assure you I really want to do it and that means it will get done at some point. :-) Other classes may include other topics discussed here frequently in the blog.

Stay tuned future neighbor, and keep in touch !
I’m posting this here because I’d like to hear your opinion, what type of training or seminar topics would be considered interesting by the blog readers.



Anonymous said...

are you moving to the 14th district so you can be a eyewitness spokes person for ron paul?

John Peterson said...

Love the blog, and loved reading your book. I have to point out a terrible misspelling though. You meant to say "count", but instead there is something else... LOL...


Anonymous said...

"Of course other training you may have in mind is welcomed as well, cunt me in if there's shooting :)"

don't lose your "o"'s as you need them to "count"

FerFAL said...

JA! Sorry for that mistake :-)


Taylor Conant said...


It would be interesting if you would explain your reason for moving your family to the US, specifically Texas, when the US is featuring many of the "heading toward collapses" trends as Argentina.

Anonymous said...

Gabe Suarez runs excellent force on force training here in Texas and other locales. May wish to determine the competitive landscape and position yourself accordingly. Very pleased to hear you will move to my home state.



Anonymous said...

I absolutely can't speak for Ferfal but he did note that he wouldn't be moving to the U.S. if he thought it was heading towards being another Argentina, which truly sounds like Mad Max brought to life.

I lived in Texas (Dallas) for 5 years and it is a liveable place that I suspect you will find accomodating, Ferfal, if that's where you are heading. Whatever happens, I would not see Texas as going down the Mad Max route. Too many armed folks. When a deranged sniper took over a University of Texas, Austin, very tall building clock tower (before my time) and started killing students randomly, Many Texans rushed there with their hunting rifles to try to pick him off (though it was a security guard that ended up getting him on the roof at close range.) I think there was a movie, "The Tower", made about it.


Anonymous said...

If you have Texas in mind, you have a _lot_ of options available to you. Texas is a _very_ big state! It covers 2-3 climate zones, and runs the gamut of humid-semi-tropical to desert dry. That's quite aside from the usual choices of cities, suburbs or agricultural areas.

Enjoy your search, and don't be in a rush!

Anonymous said...

Will you suspend this blog and start up a Surviving in the U.S. blog? Or perhaps updating the one with Argentina facts and such, and the other with your United State experience? [Or is GTA the other blog?]

Would there be any conditions where you'd go back to Argentina?

In a seperate entry you mentioned a knife fighting course. I've never heard of a knife fighting course available anywhere near me. Is that something that could be learned online and practiced at home?

I imagine knife defense is taught at karate and judo classes, but I doubt offensive knife fighting is taught, it probably scares away the soccar moms from bringing in their children for lessons. They are easily spooked.