Sunday, July 11, 2010

Level IIIA body armor‏

Hey Ferfal,

Thought you might want to pass on this deal to budget-minded readers.
Keepshooting.com has some level IIIA body armor at an extremely
affordable price:


Best wishes, and thanks for making such an excellent blog and book
available to people!


Hi Chris, not a bad price but I'd look a bit around. That seems to be German surplus armor for $170. Pictures look ok but it depends a lot on waht you actually get.
Consider our sponsor here, bulletproofme.com, their surplus armor starts at $190 but they've been selling brand name American police surplus for many years now. I've bought their products and I sought them out as advertisers becuase I like the customer care and their products.
Used armor must have been stored in good condition, and the dealer must make sure the fabric is ok, no water/sweat damage, otherwise it will do you no good so at least in my opinon its important to go with people you trust.
Still a good price and if you get one I'll be glad to post your opinons/observations.
Take care!



Don Williams said...

Off topic, but do you have any suggestions re what to look for in a pistol holster, Ferfal?

Ex: Merits of inside the waistband holster versus outside the waistband holster

Double Tapper said...

To me, new body armor makes more sense than used. Not that much more expensive and you know the history behind it. However, anything is better than nothing - even a PASGT vest will stop most common handgun rounds. Anyone who is serious about pulling through should acquire a nice Level II vest and a k-pot at a minimum.