Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Prison Escape in Argentina .... guards used a dummy instead of a real guard

Hello ferfal!

Love your book and blog! I think I have read every post you have ever made, but I don't remember seeing you mention this story.

It's about two prisoners who escaped from an Argentine prison after the guards put a dummy in a watch tower. The video cameras had all quit working due to lack of maintenance, and they couldn't afford a real guard. This sounds like many of the stories you tell about a lack of money for everything.


Yes, that was pretty funny, I got a couple other emails today mentioning the same story. They made a dummy with a soccer ball, jajaja!!
But yes, its one of those crazy things that happen here because of lack of funds combined with corruption.

Less funny and this same week, 9 cops tortured 4 underage kids in the capital district. A week ago another kid hannged himself in his jail cell, thrown there after walking drunk out of a club ... his face was also beaten beyond recognition.
Today, a police CAPTAIN! robbed a psatry store at gunpoint. The vicitms couldn't believe it later when they identified him at teh police station, the vicitim's belongings were found in his posession.
As you see there are other very serious problems here, and far less funny.



Unknown said...

That stuff is crazy. Have the cops in Argentina always been that way or only since the collapse?

I know that in the US our cops are pretty far on the "good" side of the fence, despite occasional occurrences like the New Orleans cops who looted/shot people and then covered it up.

I fear that the police in Argentina were once also on the good side of the fence but are now where they are. If the degradation of honor amongst police can happen somewhere else, I figure it can happen here, too.

I know this isn't a cogent comment, but I hope the general thrust of my thought is apparent and can be answered.

I am Stan said...

I rekon when the shit has hit the fan you can trust no one,especially if they wear a uniform.

Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

He load a of this. Last week, the director of a penitentiary in Torreon, Mexico was arrested for letting inmates out of jail to assassinate people and then return to jail. The death commando that's been going in and out of jail is responsible for 17 dead at a birthday party a couple of weeks ago.

When institution begin to fail, that's the sure sign that the fecal matter is hit the fan blades.

Gallo@GTA forum

russell1200 said...

In the United States the lack of corruption in law enforcement appears to be a relatively recent (and possibly transitory) phenomena.

I don't think policing with full investigative (versus peace keeping) duties were really common until the early 20th century.

EscapistArt said...

Hey Ferfal, just writing to say hi. I'm a longtime lurker-reader (your blog and book have good _pragmatic_ info, unlike some of the idealized cabin-in-the-woods type sites), and a recent new blogger.

FYI, I have a blog post (on civilization in general) which references some of your work. Pardon the plug, but thought you might like it (URL below)



Anonymous said...

What was wromg with the Frank Serpico comment?

From reading other U.S. blogs such as Proliberate it's quite clear there is Not a lack of corruption in law enforcement these days. The kind of terrible things described at the end of your post happens before SHTF, it's just that it seems people don't care or care to notice.

FerFAL said...

I rejected a few comments here. There's a difference between accepting there's corruption in the US police and saying most of them are corrupt/bullies etc. That I will not have here becuase I have a lot of respect for USA police officers and military. Some Americans dont seem to appreciate them as they should beecause they dont know how bad it is in other parts of the world.


Anonymous said...

Hey FerF,

I've spent a number of years (1/4 century) in the US and a number of years abroad (Europe/Asia/S. America). I've had (unfortunately) knife encounters in Europe and other ugly confrontations elsewhere.

Cops, whether in the US or abroad, are used to dealing with the filth of society, day-in, day-out. They get burnt out from the lies, the deceptions, the disgusting scenes, the nonsense. Yes, the US has the Justin Volpes (Lord, help him) but there are a lot of guys, Peace Officers or Code Patrollers, just trying to do the right thing and/or make a living.

Try to be as pleasant as possible, even with the a-holes. If you have to see them in court, they may forget who you were or even better, not show up thinking you were a nice guy and won't put up a fight. In the best case scenario they see your point of view and let you walk. Hey, you never know... it has always worked in my favor.

For the most part, though, cops in the US KNOW that there is retribution for misbehavior, checks and balances and media criticism. Sociopaths are fearful of exposure. It's not like in Mexico or in Argentina as a few have pointed out here in the comments.

Remember to pray for your enemies, keep a cool head and cool blood. Sprout some angel wings. Be a good guy or gal. Peace