Monday, July 26, 2010

Ferfal type crazy security idea : -)

I was checking a few documents in the safe and as always my brain keeps running different crime related scenarios.
Maybe one of the hardest to deal with is when the bad guys have the drop on you, they have your family or yourself at gunpoint and you basically are running out of options other than surrendering.

Every once in a while, even in that type of situation good buys bold enough manage to win. Before going into further detail, this is EXTREMELY dangerous and you should thing carefully before reacting when your family or yourself have guns trained on you.

The last time something like this occurred the father was being cooperative, he was taken to the master bedroom and the money was demanded, the father played along looked for the money in the closed but came out with a gun, killing one of the bad guys and the other ones escaped.
When or if you should attempt this involves to many variables, the only thing I’d like to explain here is an idea I just got that would help if such a decision was made.

The safe

Other times I heard of similar things happened when asked to open the safe, drunk with greed some criminals are rather surprised when a gun comes out instead of a was of cash. But what if they are looking? What if you determined the criminals are really just after the money and you’ve decided that the fastest, safest choice is to give up that money and give them what they were looking for? If they look over your shoulder and see the gun, you may get shot. If its hidden it may not be handy at that most critical moment, so this is what I just thought of and (why pretend to be humble when I’m not?:-) ) I think it’s a terrific idea.

Most guns are made of metal. Even Glock have a magnetic slide. You could glue some super strong earth magnets to the top of the inside of the safe. Make this safe a small one, located in a place where its tactically sound for you to start shooting, low enough so that a person looking over your shoulder simply can’t see the gun stuck to the roof of the safe. Two or the rare earth magnets glued in line would keep a Glock secured in place.

The advantages I see to this are many:
1)The gun is readily available, yet out of sight unless the criminals knows where to look and will easily get by a quick glance or someone looking inside next to you.
2) You can choose to just do nothing, give up the money and no one realizing you had a gun there.
3) There’s not even a holster to bother with or a book or other object concealing it. Just grad the gun and pull anyway you want, is just a magnet keeping it in place (don’t overdo the rare earth magnets, they are incredibly strong)

If you don’t have rare earth magnets you can find them at dealextreme.com for a few bucks. Of course metal saves don’t require glue, but I’d just rather make sure I don’t have the magnet attacked to the slide or even worse, a revolver cylinder and risk a failure to fire.
I thought it was a pretty good idea and wanted to share it with the rest of you. Take care.
Edited to add: I mentioned a Glock but truthfully a snubby revolver would be preffered since there's a risk of the magnet affecting the internal safeties in many autos.



Bones said...

I used exactly that method to hide a cash box inside a file cabinet - it hangs upside down from the inside of the top of the cabinet. You'd never find it unless you knew exactly where to look. Never thought to do it with a gun - great idea because it gives you more options right when you need them most. Velcro *might* work but it has a tendency to peel off over time.

Those rare earth magnets are surprisingly strong. A little gorilla glue and you could hide all kinds of stuff that way.

Anonymous said...

multiple safes.

most important one hidden hidden, and a pain in the neck to get to

other safes easier to access both in location and opening... even small enough to take away in entirety if in panic or lock failure you cannot open... with some valuables to satisfy thieves and send them on their way not empty-handed

better to give them something and live.

if you can blow them away, maybe better, but keeping your family safe is priority #1

-go in peace

Anonymous said...

these rare earth magnets are free!
they are inside all the stone-age
PC towers which are piled up at
your local recycling location
in the USA.

Anonymous said...

I like this idea, it's a plan B or C.

Every time I have ever tried to use velcro for something heavy the velcro proves to be stronger than the glue. I have zero faith in glued on velcro for heavy objects.

Magnets however, have impressed me greatly. We used to have to beat them off steel with a heavy sledge hammer if the pry bar lever broke or something. And I do mean Beat, a.k.a. pound hard. That's bad to do to magnets.
But that was a totally flat surface, a pistol would always (unless it was some kind of special made flat pistol) provide a space to get a bit of leverage to pull the gun away with very little effort.

Imagine the possibilities...

Bill N. said...

Check this link out http://quickdrawgunmagnets.com/ I have a couple. They are great for the home or office. You don't have worry about different holsters if you have different weapon. The magnet is really strong and will support a Remington 870. The video shows it used in vehicles but I question whether it would be able to retain the weapon in a severe accident.

Anonymous said...

One of the warnings was not to use around cell phones.

What does a magnet do to a cell phone?

I'm not certain, but I think I've seen guys set their cell phones on top of large house speakers and turn up the volume with no effects.

Maybe it's equal to placing a cell phone on a hot dashboard on a sunny day? A few minutes wouldn't do anything? I don't know.

Yulek said...


You should not put rare earth magnets (or any other strong magnets) near electronic devices. If you do, consider yourself lucky if your device still works.

J Brown said...

This is an old drug dealer trick. Have a short, deep safe in a small room big enough for one person to barely get into, like a closet, reinforced walls to act as cover against any secondary threats.

You have to put the safe on the floor so that if you kneel down to get into it, the person behind you won't be able to see more than a few inches into it unless they kneel also. Then just attach a weapon to the top of the safe for quick draw, magnets, ductape a super glued holster, etc.

The dealers like to put a sawed off in the safe to take out their chaperone and hide a pitol in a false wall or picture/holster kind of thing (hard to explain, google) very close to the closet door so that they cam get it before the friends come running.

You can also rig a steel safty shutter to close from above, like from an attic, through a thin piece of paper mache that looks like your cieling. You go in to get the safe open, then suddenly duck to one side for cover while the shutter goes down tight behind you. A phone and a cctv camera gives you a small panic room.

Check into zoe pound in miami. Those guys wrote the book on robberies and defense to robberies that other criminals world wide aspire too, including piracy.