Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Criminal's Gun

"God gives you life and I take it away from you"
Browning GP-35 9mm Parabellum from a criminal in Cordoba, Argentina 2010.

This is ther evil scum of the Earth we have to be ready for.



Don Williams said...

Our politicans, financiers, and corporate CEOs steal far more from us than any criminal --and often we don't even realize it until much later.

And yet it is the criminals who are despised and reviled.

Criminals sometimes kill people? The US Senate sent 4500+ men to their deaths in Iraq just to satisfy some political donors. The only difference between the Republicans and Democrats were the particular billionaires they were servicing.

Don Williams said...

US News reports that gold sales now have to be reported to the IRS under a new law inserted quietly into the recent Obama Healthcare Reform law.


Note that the US IRS rules tax gold coin sales ("collectibles") more heavily than capital gain sales of things like stocks.

Note that this attacks one of the major advertisers who supports the Fox TV show of Obama opponent Glenn Beck.

By The Sword said...


Buy silver then, or copper. Sure it's not worth as much as gold but It's still a trading commodity in tough times There's always a way around things if you are clever.

The U.S. government made it illegal to posses gold in large quantities back in the early 20th century.

Rain23 said...

No, really? "Steal far more from us than any criminal?" And yet we are alive to read this blog, unlike the people that guy and his gun killed.

Criminals like the one who carried this gun are "despised and reviled" because they kill for personal gain or simply on a whim, and then they brag about it. Anyone who could boast about wanting to take a life God has given is vile.

FerFAL, you better get up here quickly while there's still something left of America. I would welcome you, with your common sense, decency and guts enough to do practical things to keep others safe. As you can see, we need all of that we can get.

Anonymous said...

Gold IS money, timeless true wealth.

Q: Since when does money get taxed?
A: When tyrants rule.


Anonymous said...

"No, really? "Steal far more from us than any criminal?" And yet we are alive to read this blog, unlike the people that guy and his gun killed."

It's likely this person has never spent any time reading Will Grigg's blog, not "everyone" is alive and able to read this blog, not too mention the effects on people from inflation and business failures resulting from bankster shenanigans. Tough to count and compare.

Many people say Goldman Sachs runs the government.

"When someone dies at the hands of an assailant or assailants whose violence is sanctified by the state, we are supposed to believe that the victim wasn’t killed by the police — he just happened to die in their custody." - W.G.


Watch this video of a US General saying, "It's good fun to shoot people"


Clemency for Wall Street Criminals, Prison for the Powerless


Anonymous said...

So you have criminals that are actually able to read and write?

I am not sure what that says about Argentina relative to the US, where I grew up.

Sid Finster.