Monday, July 12, 2010

Pocket carry for today

For no reason in particular, but this is what I ended up carrying today in my pockets.

*Leather Wallet
*Cold Steel Vaquero Grande
*Ray-Ban Aviator (thought I lost those but found them in a suit I wore at a weding some time ago :-)   )
*Quark Mini CR2 180 Lumen R5 . Still testing this one but its an amazing little LED. Review coming up soon.
*Casio G-Shock GW-2310BD Very happy with it. Solar powered and well, its a G-Shock, dont expect to have problems with it.
*iPhone 3G with Otterbox Defender. The case is as awsome as the box. Little recommendation, use matte screen protector to avoid "oil" effect when installing. The baby powder trick also works, exposing the screen to a mini fog of baby powder. The clip of how to do it cna be found in Otter's website.
*Leatherman Charge Tti
*Keychain-Peanut lighter-Victorinox Midnight Minichamp-Fenix LDO1
A few 1 peso coins
*IMCO Triplex Super  (lasts at least twice as much as the Zippo before refuling. Review coming up on the three IMCOs I've had for a while)



Unknown said...

I picked up that iPhone case last week, it's been awesome! Wish I'd picked it up when I got the phone... it wouldn't be all scratched up now.

denier said...

Iphone is very "cool" but I'd rather carry a Mil-spec phone. My dad carries one called the rugby, you can drop it in water while on a call and it will be fine! not as pretty as an iphone, but more reliable in a variety of situations.

EN said...

Love it. Of course you're short a corkscrew, but everything else looks good. ;-)

Anonymous said...

you carried all that in your pockets?
did you need suspenders (braces)?
if i did what you did it would be:
Pants on the Ground (song title).

Julia said...

I know you've discussed women and knives before (I asked a question about your wife) - and I've finally decided to take the plunge.

We don't have CC here, and this will be my foray into carrying something defensive.

Can you please give some woman-friendly recommendations? I bought my SO a Cold Steel knife for use in digging in his metal detecting and we were both very impressed.

FerFAL said...

Anonymous said...

you carried all that in your pockets?
did you need suspenders (braces)?
if i did what you did it would be:
Pants on the Ground (song title).

JAja! :-) Yes, I carry that in my pants (clock on wrist, iphone clipped on the outside) the Folding knife is big and is the only thing you sometimes remember you are carrying, but I have no problem carrying all that stuff in my pockets.
I use regualar Levi 551 and other dressing pants, no problem.


Anonymous said...

No belt?

I'd have to use one with slacks and probably want one with jeans too, sometimes.

Wide variety in belts, I didn't know there were so many kinds. The ones with a zipper inside looked good, but it wasn't something I thought I'd use... yet.

SheepDog said...

Just wondering how you like the display on your new watch compared to the standard digital watch display and what your comments on it is now that you have worn it a bit?

I have been considering another G Shock since I found out that they can be had with something other than the old plastic bands!

I have been wearing mechanical watches for many years now, but I am tempted by the solar and the ability to sync with the atomic clocks!!

FerFAL said...

Naft, it is awsome and love it, that's why I recommend it :-) Bought one for my wife (black/pink) she loves it as well :)

Julia, I like Cold Steel products but I got my wife a Spyderco Delica a few weeks ago. Very nice for women (and guys) quality is superb and opens very easily. I got her a purple one. Here's the link to the one I bought her.