Friday, February 13, 2009

Armed Robbery

It’s late but I wanted to write this before I go to bed.
This afternoon I grabbed my stuff and hurried out the door to go pick up my son at the club.
I go out the door, walk a few yards and see the girl from the sandwich store creeping out of the lateral door.
“Call the cops” she says. ”There’s a guy robbing the store”.
Through the glass front entrance I could see a guy with a gun.

5.30 PM people. Broad daylight. Streets full of people.
A drugstore just in front of this place, with it’s own guard.
A private security company just a few yards away also in front, with another security guard posted in front. No one seems to care.

I walked a few yards away to make sure the robber inside doesn’t see me on the cell and call 911.

I waited on the phone for about a minute, then someone answered, so I told them about the armed robbery and the location.

I later found out that the cops arrived quick enough but the robbers got away. A car was waiting for them outside.

Almost 2 am here guys and I want to go to bed but some thoughts on this:

1)I can’t believe I got used to this crap. All I could think of was that the little incident cost me 5 minutes and I was late to pick up my son.
30 minutes later I was renting a DVD with my son (Hancock), as if nothing happened. Hancock sucks by the way.
Oh, saw "Slumdog Millionaire" the other day, excellent movie.

2)I’ve been carrying my everyday carry bag and other "tools" wherever I go and thank God I got used to it.
Why would I need a fairly large first aid kit just a few blocks away from home? Well, today I was reminded of how it could come in handy.

3)People, carry your CCW. Even if you are just going out for a second.

4)This is the second time I see a criminal trough glass. The first one was many years ago when someone tried to brake into my house. I had my 1911 with me then.
Glass and bullets, have something that packs enough power. 9mm as a minimum.

5)When you are not directly involved, going out looking for trouble may land you in jail. Move away and call the cops.

6)Have a cell phone with you at all times. Make that a CHARGED cellphone.

7)Criminals aren’t vampires. They can and will strike during daylight, when the streets are full of people, with guards just meters away. Once they get this desperate they are like cougars or mountain lions that come down to the farms looking for food. Some are pretty desperate, daring criminals.

8)Those that are curious and stay around may catch a bullet as a souvenir of the moment. Get the heck out of the possible line of fire and the possible getaway route as fast as you can.

9)Pray a lot. Sometimes S simply happens.It's called life.

10)You aren’t paranoid if they really are out there to get you. When crime is as bad as it is here, you must always be ready, always alert.

11)We've decided with my wife to not mention these incidents in front of our son any more. It’s stressful enough for adults, kids shouldn’t suffer it as well.

12)Pack a high capacity auto, at least 9mm. Be ready to shoot if necessary, keep your weapon handy. And you need training if you hope to have a chance. Otherwise you wont react the way you should. Target practice is for winning the Olympics.

So, defensive training and a real gun, guys. The mini 22LR and such are perfect for when you don’t need a gun.
When things get really bad and shootings become a real possibility you need to get serious.

Good night everyone.



Anonymous said...


I hope no one was hurt, esp. you, FerFAL. An aspect of your blog that makes it of such value to me, is that it is real world. It isn't someone who has only read books or done a lot of thinking. I am sorry you, your family and your country is in this situation, but a paragraph of real world information is better than a chapter of theory.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the insights Ferfal.

The first thing one's need to prepare is his mind, then the body (you're the weapon, the gun is the tool)..

It's a bit like the global economic collapse currently unfolding in front of us. I just knew it was coming for years and why it is happening. It's easier for me to keep my cool head and not panic than most of those around me.

Not much i can do, but at least i know in advance what is coming.

Anonymous said...

What do you carry now-a-days? What do you think is high capacity? A glock 26 is "only" 10 rounds. Are you suggesting a full service size pistol like glock 17 minimum?

I carry a glock 26, it conceals well. Thinking about getting a glock 30 for more stopping power. Good idea?

FerFAL said...

Thanks Joseph, no one got hurt thank God.
It's just an unconfortabel situation to be in, that's all.

It just adds to the fear you have everyday becuase it makes you wonder, when is it going to be my turn?


Anonymous said...

Hello Ferfal,

Glad to hear that no one was hurt. I just recently started reading your postings, and I must say, Thank You.I'm glad that you have made the time to post on the happenings there.

It's been a real eye opener, and has made me rethink many things.

I wish all the best to you and your family.

Take care and stay safe.

Anonymous said...


Treating this robbery as a learning experience, I have a few questions...

First, why was this sandwich shop targeted by the criminals? I'd think, except the cash register, they won't have many things of value.

Could it be because they don't have security guards? Or perhaps, they are the easiest target among the shops at that location?

What do shops do, besides hiring guards, to protect themselves?

Do store employees fight back?

Thanks! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Lack of a security guard is an inticement to theives, small shops may not have much cash but several a day add up. Arming an untrained employee is going to get them killed or injured. Most of the security guards are un or under trained and under paid, that's why they are deaf, blind and not so dumb. The larger the pistol magazine the better the hit/miss ratio is when the shooting stops. Remember you need incapacaitating hits, if you shoot him in the hand with a 12 gauge slug, he's not down, just pissed!

Anonymous said...

Well, if you ever decide to move to Atlanta, at least you'll feel right at home.