Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Reply: Getting killed because of Gun control

Norcal said...
I don't remember the name
But there was a case here where a woman was in a restaurant with her parents
A crazy man came in and shot people randomly
The lady reached for her purse and her gun
Then she recalled she had left it outside to comply with laws against carry
She had to sit and watch both her parents get blown away (killed)
Does anyone have the youtube for her testimony?
February 10, 2009 8:56 AM

Yes, this woman. I first saw her in the Pen and Teller gun control BS documentary


P&T Bullshit Gun Control Part 1

P&T Bullshit Gun Control Part 2

P&T Bullshit Gun Control Part 3

Also Watch this, Real World use of firearms



Hunnia said...

Hi FerFAL!

I live in Hungary, and I we arn't alloud to have guns to protect ourselfs (well, only policemen, soliders and hunters are allowed to own firearms). Things are getting pretty bad here too, it's only a matter of time. I know this will hit back real bad, but I was just wondering, what would you do in this situation? (hope is not lost, my dad is a hunter, so he has firearms, but only longarms, and people cant go running around with them in the public)

alpha411net said...

here is a another youtube link to Dr. Suzanna Gratia Hupp before a hearing.


Anonymous said...

Hi, FerFAL --

I've been reading for a while but this is my first comment. I found you through survivalblog.com and really enjoy your blog.

While I live in the U.S., I'm in California which does have idiotic firearms laws. It particularly struck me in the first video when the lady said that she'd complied with a "stupid law" that didn't allow her to carry her sidearm to defend herself.

Anonymous said...


Europeans should be the most gun friendly people on Earth with their experiences in the 20th Century. However, I know it isn't so. My wife is also from Europe, and her father was visited by the police when a heater repairman saw a plastic toy pistol on his nightstand. The police confiscated the toy and threatened him with arrest...

Even though weapons are highly restricted, I know that there are a lot of illegal guns in Europe because you always hear about crimes commited by people with guns.

I would talk to your father and find out what caliber of rifle he has that is also compatible with handguns - probably .22LR. Then go on the black market and get a handgun that matches that caliber and stock up on ammo. Then go and buy a plastic toy gun that closely resembles the black market gun, and if anyone sees it and reports you, give the police the plastic one. :)

It's like the old saying "It's better to be judged by twelve, than carried by six" or it's better to defend yourself and go to court than to not defend yourself and be dead and buried.


Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that Czech republic has more liberal gun laws. EU will soon end it, though!

A trip there may be a nice journey for you ;-)

Hunnia said...

Thnx for the tipps, I'll see what I can do. Take care everyone!