Thursday, February 5, 2009

Reply: Door Security

Norcal said...
What kind of front doors do people in Argentina put in? Here in Cali the front doors are often 50% or more glass.

You can get a solid door but there is not way to see who is at your front door.

So do people in Argentina put in some kind of speaker system that the person has to answer before they come in?

Just wondering how you increase front door security there in Arg

Thank you

Wow guys. If things get a bit worse many will be in for a surprise.

Of course, we don’t have doors with any percentage of glass. Doors are solid and have a small peephole.

Metal doors are preferred, and those that can afford it will usually get reinforced doors that lock all around and are layered with hardened bullet proof steel.

If not at least 2 different locks. Even three locks in some cases. At least 2 different keys for the front door is pretty standard.

Most homes also have gates or exterior grating doors to create an extra barrier.

We generally use intercoms to know who’s outside. A lot of people install the phone with the little TV screen, and the intercom has a camera so you know who’s outside.

Of course, you cant just open the door to see who’s outside. Once you open it it’s too late.

That’s basic security 101.

No one around here can afford to not know that stuff, or acquire those basic security measures.



Norcal said...

Thank you, Ferfal.
Here is a typical sampling of doors:

if the link does not work, go to and click on doors and windows and hunt around a little bit.

I'd say 99% of my friends have windows in their doors. My door is currently l/2 window!

I don't know where to buy a more secure door but will start looking.

Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

where i live in florida the doors vary, but ours is solid, i think hardwood; with two locks and a peephole. not too too difficult to get around if you know what you're doing, but still harder than throwing a brick through a glass door. <- Is something like this what you all use down there? I've never seen anyone here with this kind of equipment. A house once that had 4 cameras surrounding the house going into a tv split 4ways sitting on the fridge. makeshift setup, but still pretty cool, and effective.

Anonymous said...

Here in the US many doors on houses have glass, most apartments are solid doors. I have always thought that glass doors...even with just a small window...say "easy entry"!!!

Not to mention, a lot of doors have only one deadbolt and a weak frame.
Come to think of it, I believe a fair percentage of home invasion shootings start with someone breaking in the front door.

Anonymous said...

The doors are really cute: "Please break in, pleeaaase!"

Anonymous said...

PLENTY of security doors you can get. I also suggest bars on 1st floor windows.

Have you any feedback on this lock?
I am thinking of buying this:

Anonymous said...

I live in a rural village of about300 with about 10 hectares. House, detached garage, barn, out buildings. Private septic system. A trained guard dog patrols inside a five foot chain link perimeter. All but the front wall of the house is inside this fence. House is masonry and alarmed. Main gate is on remote opener as well as garage door. Other gates are padlocked with regular lock changes. House has double glazed windows and solid wood doors with good frame and bolts. Planned remodeling includes bringing well back on line as alternative water soucre, back up generator, metal roofing, lexan windows, and metal exterior doors (solid core) either with small glass or peep, intercom, and walk way gate. Do you have any further suggestions.
Thank you,
Lame Wolf

Anonymous said...

Here's a great solution to keep your door from getting kicked in. 70% of break-ins are from the doors getting kicked in. Even with a deadbolt, all that really stands between you and the criminal is a small piece of wood on the doorframe. This needs to be reinforced with metal.

If this link doesn't work, just copy and paste the url:

Anonymous said...


If you *have* to go out in the open with something obviously valuable what do you do?

My wife and I are both musicians. I teach and she is currently a graduate student. We both have to walk on the sidewalks during the daylight carrying large cases on our backs that are easily identifiable as musical instruments. We're both generally in very crowded areas of the city while we do this and, while those streets look nice now, judging from your previous posts we will soon start seeing more riffraff showing up on the street that will see us as targets. Do you have any suggestions for us? Should we maybe try to disguise the cases somehow? Or just make sure to always walk in groups? Because it is a city, driving to a private parking space right next to where we have to go is not an option.

We're already armed as well as the law allows us to be (OC spray, personal alarm, no handguns allowed, sadly).

Thanks for all the help so far!

Anonymous said...

After inspecting your doors and frames and deciding how you are going to reinforce them. STOP, look closely at the exterior walls. If you're in an apartment and have a drywall exterior wall. Move, you have a 1/2" to 5/8" wall outside and 1/2" inside. You can kick through it. You'll never make a castle out of it but you can tighten it up a lot.