Saturday, February 28, 2009

Open thread

This was Don’s idea guys.
Just ask anything you wish, or talk about things you’d like to debate.
If it’s something I can help with I’ll do my best.

Sometimes time is a bit limited so I miss some questions in the comments, sorry about that.

As for me, it’s Saturday night and crisis or not life is good.

My little boys are doing just fine, I’ve been working on my book quite a bit, and I downloaded a movie to watch tonight with my pretty wife. Maybe I’ll make some brownies.

By the way, these are Tommy and Dante.
(They are reading the Wallstreet Journal and Dante is saying “What the %$*&!!”)

If interesting things come up, we’ll do this more often.



Unknown said...

Hey Ferfal,

Ive been reading your blog for a few months now and find it extremely informative and helpful. So thank you for that, my question is that now that america is getting worse and worse, and looking to take a really bad turn for the worse with our new leader, have you had second thoughts about coming here? if so, where else are you considering going? Just wondering because I am an American citizen and am considering leaving the country in light of what looks to be our worse years yet on the way.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ferfal I was just at NYC tea party. Basically bunch of angry people, mostly conservatives who decided to vent some anger by giving heated speeches.

One of the people there was an Argentinian guy. He introduced himself by saying he was from an American country that used to be rich but is now bankrupt. I can't believe it I didn't catch on before he said it was Argentina. Then again to be fair US is as good as bankrupt also :). I referred him to your blog, you might have him contact you.

Anyways the atmosphere was good. Some people finally catching on to philosophy of freedom. Large majority still mad but don't see the whole picture.

In any case my question for you is this. Are you familiar with Congressman Ron Paul? If you are do you have anyone like that in Argentina? How trusting are you of these type of politicians?

FerFAL said...

Hi Joe,

No man, not really.
It's still USA and there's no country like it.
Europe is getting hit just as hard. I know because my family is living there.
Maybe moving to a place like Argentina, my country, where your money gets multuplied by 3,5, but that comes at a cost too. Security, things that dont happen in USA, different social reality, and the economy is no piece of cake either.
I'm 30 and have young kids, I'm not aobut to retire. Here they have no future. In USA they will, and so will I.

I think USA will get back on its feet and will be stronger than before.

Besides, I look at the advantages.
A crisis creates a new market too. Trick is knowing how to work to satisfy it.
Homes are much cheaper to buy now, that's good too.

Hi Sixpackoverhere,

I'm familiar with Dr. Paul.
I agree with 99% of what he says. Maybe 99,99% :)
I had him as my signature in forums for a long time, while he was in capaign.

No, not at all, we dont have people like that here, and that's why this country is pretty much doomed for a long..long time.

No place like USA folks.


Ryan said...

OH A FERFAL BOOK. I would get a copy. Also I would pay a couple extra bucks to get a signed one.

CapnRick said...

Saludos, FerFal... what did you think of Cobos? I was surprised when the poor guy brought the wrath of Christina and the Peronistas down upon himself. The TV coverage showed me a man who was scared silly, but stood up for his convictions, and jeopardized his standing as vice-president.

I really don't know much about his prior career, but, it looks like a coalition is forming to offer him as a presidential candidate in the next election. He'll probably get a lot of the farmer-influenced/campo vote, don't ya think?

I think there's a lot of good stuff in what Ron Paul says. I am a flat-tax fan.

Suerte -Rick

FerFAL said...

I like Julio Cobos a lot. Only politician left I like.
He's not Ron Paul but he went against the Witch K, and took sides with the people.
He indeed seems to be a honorable man.
I'd vote for him.
Of course there's a campaign to destroy his credibility, the Ks calls him a traitor everytime they have a chance, and their minons in the press do the same, like Pergolini.

But yes, he's no doubt a good man, too bad he doesn't have enough power.


Anonymous said...

I have a question. If things turn to crap in a coastal city like Washington DC, New York, or Buenos Aires (massive riots, loss of power grid shuts down water supply, etc), then it seems to me that the best evacuation route is over water, since such cities have large rivers flowing to the sea.

However, a refugee on water is very vulnerable -- look at how Vietnamese boat people were abused by pirates. Although a high powered rifle with armor piercing AND incindary ammo might even up the odds a little.

SO question is --have there been any reports of piracy in Argentinan waters or is navy keeping things under control?

The sources I've seen don't mention it -- they indicate that places where yachts are being hit are Somalia, some other coasts of Africa, Indonesia, and parts of the Caribbean (last area being more likely drug dealers looking for transport rather than usual pirates.)

Also, ocean sailing is a LOT more dangerous than coastal sailing even in 40 foot boat. Many boats do not have sufficient strong construction -- ocean boats look like tanks. Plus the waters are only reasonably safe to sail on for a few months out of the year --people going to Europe from East Coast of USA need to leave in May-June for example.

CapnRick said...

When I met my chiquitita bonita Argentinita wife during a trip to Miami, I was living on a 9 metre sailboat on Galveston Island 50 miles from Houston. My prior plan had been to retire in 2008 and sail around the Gulf of Mexico, tour coastal Mexico, Central America and South America single handed. Thankfully, she was able to talk me into abandoning that plan and join her in Miami. I retired 3 years earlier than planned, instead. Eventually, we ended up back in her home in Mar del Plata, Argentina... a place that is like Disneyland for adults. Especially retired people.

In preparation for my retirement travels, I studied up on "what if...?" scenarios, and can report the following:
. Weapons on board a vessel can get you into trouble in a foreign port. Recent news articles show that weapons openly declared upon entry resulted in the arrest of a yacht owner from Florida in a Mexican port.

I don't know why this happened. It could be that the guy was a known bad actor, but it is possibly a result of various governments becoming paranoid about arms smuggling. I know that the new AG of the USA Holder has said we must ban assault weapons in the US to aid in helping the MX government get a handle on weapons control so they stop losing so many cops/soldiers to the cartels. I wish they would concentrate instead on the cargo freighters from China that arrive in MX ports every day with containers full of AKs, RPGs and especially grenades, like showed up in McAllen, TX lately. Most of the arms coming from the US are onesy-twosey semi-auto stuff, but there are occasional reports of bigger shipments through the US border. Looks like POLITICS :^( to me.

. Pirate activity largely goes unreported because the crew is dead and the vessel is re-registered in another country. However, perusal of the web sites that discuss such matters shows proof that you DEFINITELY don't want to go about unarmed at sea. I recommend a hi-capacity magazine 12-gauge with "boutique" rounds that do interesting things to wooden/Fiberglas hulls... as utilized in the most common pirate vessels these days. You may want to have a plan in mind if assaulted by a hi-speed native canoe with an outboard and 6-10 guys who have at least 1-2 firearms. You can rely on no one but yourself and what you brought with you at sea. There are lots of reported piracy attempts all around the world, and the northern coasts of the South American continent is one of the hot spots. Africa is number one now, thanks to the Somalis... but the Indonesian pirate often take over huge vessels, also.

. At sea, the security problem is not the biggest... it's the sea. People conjure up visions of mountainous waves and 100+ kph winds as their own private nightmare scenario. I know that with a strong lead or iron keel on a strong sailboat, lots of anchor line and chain out on a strong drogue type sea anchor (I had a couple of surplus cargo parachutes) placing one's bow quartered to the wind allows one to survive without rolling over... survive all but the largest of freak conditions. I am worried about fire at sea, injuries while weeks away from medical care, sudden illnesses combined with simultaneous violent weather, being becalmed for weeks with no food, fuel or... worse yet... potable water... the list goes on and on and on and...

My Argentinita saved me from all that.

. My sailing experience can be encapsulated thusly... 15 percent unadulterated joy, 5 percent gut-clutching fear, and 80 percent potentially boring quiet time. I am very comfortable being alone for long periods of time... YMMV

. Most sailors agree that one needs a minimum of 3 crew to sail safely, plus a mechanical self steering device... electrical ones are for day sailors in coastal waters. One of the three will be on constant housekeeping/cooking, watch assistant duty while the most experienced sailors work 3-6 hours shifts. THE PROBLEM: trying to find 3+ people who can get along under physically and emotionally exhausting weeks of almost unbearable closeness... without killing someone.

If any of you are seriously interested in escaping incipient doom via the high seas in a sailboat, let me know at and I will email you some "what if... ?" scenario lists to consider preparing for, suggested reading material, and my own personal check list and handy hints as to what one might wish to consider carrying with you on such a journey. Be aware... where in the boat you store certain items takes almost as much thought as does WHAT to take. Tricky, no?

Thanks guys for all your contributions to FerFal's great community. We need to think about the unthinkable, no?

Suerte/good luck -CapnRick

Jim said...

Hey FerFal,

I was at the grocery store yesterday and saw pears... from Argentina... ARGENTINA! Hey that's where my buddy Ferfal is from! So I bought some.

Anyways, love the blog and your information.