Thursday, February 19, 2009

Reply: Flashlight for EDC (every day carry)

Anonymous Lergnom said...

FerFAL, sir;
A very good post. Thank you for sharing your insights.
The flashlight in one of the pictures looks like an Inova X1, which is what I carry day to day. If so, is it the flood model or the older spot?

It’s not an Inova flashlight, it’s one of those cheap generic ones.

But yes, it is one of the older 1watt LED, spot light.

I like it because it has good light and uses just one easily available AA battery.
It’s still a bit too bulky for a keychain. So I was looking to get it replaced and leave it in my bag, and get something else for the keys.
I still want to have a more powerful flashlight with me.

After a lot of poking around and reading reviews, I ‘m getting Fenix E01.

When funds are limited you make a lot of looking around and gathering information before you buy anything.

It’s a pretty small flashlight , uses a single AAA and provides 10 lumens . Not a lot but enough for emergencies.
I was ordering one just right now. I’m getting it in olive.
Should be a good partner for the Victorinox Minichamp.

A nice thing about Fenix flashlights is that they apparently ship free world wide, so you might want to take a look.

I’ll write a small review once I get it and try it out some.



Anonymous said...

The Fenix lights are very nice for the price. Not as "tough" as the Surefires, but a lot more affordable.

I have a L0P that hangs on my ID badge when I'm at work or traveling to and from. Very handy.

Anonymous said...

FerFAL, you should look at the L1T light and the LD10 from Fenix. Try www.fenix-store.com for a supplier. Good folks to do business with.

Anonymous said...

I ordered a Fenix on a friend's reccommendation, and was very happy with it. I wanted a small, bright light that ran on common batteries (man the 3v's and button batteries are EXPENSIVE!!!!). I have an inexpensive mount that I bought on EBay so that I can attach it to my Remington 870. It's lighter and just as bright as the SureFire forend that I had on my old 870. The light that I bought from Fenix runs on one AA battery, and it puts out ~ 90 lumens on its highest setting. I'm probably going to get the AAA model as well. Four thumbs up!

Dan Tanner said...

I have both the Fenix L1D and the Nightcore D10. I chose these because they both use AA batteries, not the CR123 batteries. I believe AA's would be easier to find (I have never seen CR123's at Walmart, for example).

The Fenix L1D is a great flashlight and has different modes (low level, high level, strobing), but it will not remember the last mode selected. For this reason, I chose not to EDC this one. It is by my bedside, though. I can easily switch from the high level for room clearing into the strobe mode to blind/disorient anyone I find.

The Nightcore L1D has multiple modes as well (low light, high level, and any level in between by holding down the button). The good thing is that it remembers what mode I'm in. I keep it on low and if I need to blind someone, I just need to double-click the button and it switches to a BRIGHT light. I would prefer the strobe effect, but I would still like the flashlight to remember my current mode.

I plan on picking up the E01 you posted to put in my vehicle in case I need second flashlight.

atsie said...

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