Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reply: More on the Dogo Argentino

Anonymous said...


I want to say that I greatly appreciate everything that you've written and the knowledge that you've shared. I've read your blog from start to current times. As a "prepper" here in the US, you've helped me gain practical knowledge of what really happens when SHTF and you have to go on with life.

A question for you: I've been looking to get a dog for some time, and because of your posts I became very interested in the Dogo Argentino. After a ton of research, I've since found a breeder and will be a proud owner of a Dogo pup in a couple of months. After talking with my better half about a proper name, I've decided to ask you what a good, respectable Argentinian name for him would be. Any ideas?

Thanks again for sharing all of your experience with us, especially given the current situation around the world.

Thanks:) You'll love your Dogo. Please let us know how yuo like it as soon as you get it, ok?

Tango or Pampa sound fitting.:)

One famous Dogo name I remember from the Nores family is Furia de la Cocha.

La Cocha is the original kennel of Dr. Nores, the creator of the Dogo.
They are the children and grandchildren of the creator of the Dogo Argentino, and are very passionate about them.

They warn the visitor right in the home page that they don’t sell Dogos for pets or show. They sell them to people that will treat them as a functional/working creature.

I haven’t checked it again, but they where famous for an open challenge they had to anyone that questioned their dogs. They Dogos against any other dog of proven pedigree. One on one. I don’t think they had a lot of challengers. :)

Anyway, here’s the website
(there’s an english version)
And here’s a few names you might like

Dogo and knife hunting.

La Cocha Kennel

Congratulations on your Dogo, I’m sure you’ll love it.
One piece of advice if I may. Don’t train your Dogo to attack, its really not necessary and it’s not recommended.
Just be a loving master, firm when necessary but never with violence. Trying to intimidate one of these animals is a waste of time, they respond much better to positive education and a firm tone of voice when they make a mistake. They are very smart and understand quick.

One last thing. A veterinarian once said on TV when asked about the Dogo “ It’s like a cross between a dog and a lion. It wont obey you out of fear or submission, it will follow you when you earn its respect”.
Another thing he mentioned.” If you have a guardian dog you know someone broke in because you hear him bark. If you have a Dogo you know someone broke in because you hear the burglar scream”:)



Weaseldog said...

I had a dobie/german shepherd mix many years ago that used to go hunting with me. He trained easily not to bark, but to just give a very quiet growl.

One night we had a burglar come in through a window. My dog never barked, and actually let him in. By the time we realized what was going on, the burglar was trying to get back out, with my dog ripping into his leg. The burglar got out the window and my dog jumped out after him.

There was blood on the floor, the window sill, and the back fence. We never learned who it was or how they fared. My dog let him go. He didn't have to.

Weaseldog said...

That dog looks intimidating.

We have a lot of pitbulls in our area now. I'm not sure what the attraction is, considering their propensity to mental problems. A coworker had her rottie killed by one she was keeping. Never had a clue the dog would turn. she just snapped one day.

Are the ears on the Dogo clipped? I have a Shar Pei / Golden Lab mix with similar ears. She wasn't cropped, she was born with them that way.

My photo in my profile is of her and my Catahoula.

FerFAL said...

"Are the ears on the Dogo clipped?"
The ears are cut to avoid them getting caught or torn when fighting boars and cougars.
The Dogo is already genetically inclined not to bark. It will stalk and attack. That’s why they say that if you have a guardian dog you know someone broke in because you hear it barking, but if you have a Dogo you know someone is inside because you hear the intruder scream.
This is very true. The Dogo will stalk until the intruder is near and only then attack. This was what Dr. Nores was looking for and was rather successful at.
You have to decide, because if you want a dog that will bark, then the Dogo is not for you. It’s hard to make them act against their genes.
The tail is left long to see the Dogo when among tall grass. Same for color. White so as to not confuse him with the boar or cougar.

Everything in the Dogo has some sort of explanation, something Dr. Nores intended to achieve.


Weaseldog said...

As I have two dogs already, I'm not looking at the moment. But your commentary is interesting.

Thor, my Catahoula was bred by American Indians for hunting. they are used in Louisiana to hunt deer and wild boar. He's a quiet stalking dog. He rarely barks. When he does, there is something out of the ordinary going on. whe he has a squirrel in his sights, he'll lie very still, patiently waiting for his chance to spring.

Ginger, the Shar Pei / Golden Lab Mutt, talks and barks a lot. But she is also very protective and distrustful of strangers. she's compulsive about keeping an eye on everyone, and making sure she knows what they are doing.

I think there are advantages and disadvantages to having a very quiet dog. On the one hand, they are probably less likely to be poisoned. On the other, a potential burglar may be more likely to scope out and target your home, not realizing the danger.

Dino said...


Your poochies are so damn cute =)

But your comment about bully breeds having "mental problems" shows your lack of knowledge tho.

Pitbulls do not have mental issues. Any dog is just as good as their owner for the most part.

Did your coworker know that pitbulls are HIGHLY ANIMAL AGGRESSIVE? That should be pretty much common sense for anyone who has a pitbull or is caring for one.

Did your coworker understand the history of the dog before taking it in with another animal on the property? Did she find out if the dog had been properly exposed to animals at a young age? If not, then I can understand if the pitbull attacked the rottie (esp if your coworker for some reason might have left them alone).

Bully breeds are have high alpha drives and will want to be the leader of the pack and because of their fighting background are prone to attacking other animals if not weened out of that behavior at a young age and properly trained to obey his or her master.

You have to be a firm and stern yet loving and caring owner and no offense. You have to instate your place as the alpha male of the pack or a bully dog will walk all over you.

Pitt said...

Good post Dino. It always distresses me how people will have almost no firsthand knowledge of my breed and then make grand pronouncements about how vicious they are, or how they have locking jaws or how they are genetically bred to kill children, as if they are some kind of expert on the pitbull.

I hate ignorance masquerading as knowledge.

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a combat dog, a warrior and a fighter. In the right hands, they are a fabulous breed, intelligent and physically impressive. With the proper training and a gentle but firm handler, they are one of the best dogs known to man.

The problem is that the dogs purpose and looks draws scumbags to purchase them and that sets the stage for all of these pitbull horror stories we see on tv.

Get on Youtube and look up working pitbulls and you will see fantastic videos of pitbulls that have owners that have taken the pitbull to the ultimate expression of canine perfection.