Saturday, February 14, 2009

Reply: Armed Robbery


Treating this robbery as a learning experience, I have a few questions...

First, why was this sandwich shop targeted by the criminals? I'd think, except the cash register, they won't have many things of value.

They rob the same way you work a 9 to 5 job.
Not a lot of money, but yes some cash.
Notice the time of the day, 5:30 PM
Probably the cash register had some money accumulated by then.
Why that place?
It’s on a mayor avenue, full of people and lots of guards near by.
People get too comfortable and trustful.
Just two blocks out of this main avenue, and shops don’t even let you in, they do business through steel bars and grating doors, only known folks are allowed in. It’s crazy but this is very common in many parts of Buenos Aires, and I’m not talking about the really bad ones either.
The avenue and lateral streets allow for fast escape routes as well.

People think there’s safety in numbers.
There is, but not as much as people think.
I’ve seen people get robbed at gunpoint at the train station during rush hour, the place PACKED full of people, traveling like sardines.

Could it be because they don't have security guards? Or perhaps, they are the easiest target among the shops at that location?

Well yes. The pharmacy I mention across the street obviously had more money, but it also had a guard.
Put yourself in the bad guys shoes, which would you rob?
The place with the armed guy? Or better rob 2 or 3 places with no security?

What do shops do, besides hiring guards, to protect themselves?

Do store employees fight back?

Thanks! Keep up the good work!

Sometimes they do. We’ve seen some pretty weird things here.
People fighting back and sometimes winning, pulling guns out (mostly when its the store owner), one guy, (amateur boxer), knocked down the armed robber with a well placed punch in one occasion.

Most of the time people don’t fight back, they take the money, and that’s that.

Best thing if you ask me is to have security, and also have a gated entrance, and you only allow them to enter when they don’t look suspicious.
Of course most of the time they look like ordinary well dressed people, but at least it’s an added security measure.

The guard is your best weapon. Still places with armed guards also get robbed occasionally.

There’s no warrantee. You have to set up as many layers of security as you can.



Anonymous said...

Hi. I've been following your posts for quite awile. I never actually disbelieved what you said but I still held back a bit, thinking it couldn't get that bad her the good ol' Yew Ess of Aye.

This evening I read a long post that really brought home everything you've been saying. Other readers might also profit from reading it. I'm not sure this will turn out to be an "active" link (I can type but I don't really know much about computers) but those who are interested can cut and paste: http://cluborlov.blogspot.com/2009/02/social-collapse-best-practices.html

FerFAL said...

Hi Oldfart.
I read Orlov's article.

There are some things many of us wouldn’t agree on:

"One interesting observation is that once collapse occurs it becomes possible to rent a policeman, either for a special occasion, or generally just to follow someone around. It is even possible to hire a soldier or two, armed with AK-47s, to help you run various errands. Not only is it possible to do such things, it’s often a very good idea, especially if you happen to have something valuable that you don’t want to part with. If you can’t afford their services, then you should try to be friends with them, and to be helpful to them in various ways. Although their demands might seem exorbitant at times, it is still a good idea to do all you can to keep them on your side. For instance, they might at some point insist that you and your family move out to the garage so that they can live in your house. This may be upsetting at first, but then is it really such a good idea for you to live in a big house all by yourselves, with so many armed men running around. It may make sense to station some of them right in your house, so that they have a base of operations from which to maintain a watch and patrol the neighborhood."

When they want a piece of your wife/daughter as well, what then?

“Another excellent idea pioneered in Cuba is making it illegal not to pick up hitchhikers.”

1)Cuba law is not something you want to imitate
2) I like to be able to decide who I let into my car or not. For freedom’s sake, and for personal security.

“the solution, of course, is to cut your losses and stop paying. But then you might soon have to relocate. That is OK, because, as I mentioned, there is no shortage of vacant properties around. Finding a good place to live will become less and less of a problem as people stop paying their rents and mortgages and get foreclosed or evicted, because the number of vacant properties will only increase.”

In my opinon and experience Oldfart, that is just awful advice. Maybe it worked in Russia, I don’t know their situation, but here it happened exactly the opposite way. Rent went up like crazy because people couldn’t afford to buy homes. Things work differently in capitalist countries, believe me.

“Well, then you might have to become a squatter, maintain a list of other vacant properties that you can go to next, and keep your camping gear handy just in case.”

Dear God people, do not do this.

I don’t know why Orlov is advising these things, but its really not a good idea.


Ryan said...

I see places that only deal through thick bulletproof glass in sketchy neighborhoods in the US. Armed guards are rare here. Seems like for a lot of little stores adding an armed guard would destroy their profitability. I was a clerk at a 711 for awhile and though I carried a concealed weapon I wouldn't fight if someone just wanted the cash. For heavens sake I made minimum wage, not worth getting in a fight over. If it looked like they wanted to harm me I would shoot but otherwise I would open the register and just stand back.

Anonymous said...

Have not read Mr. Orlov's blog yet but if Mrs. Orlov has I make a small wager she'll be standing there smiling, holding out the Vasaline jar when "they" decide to try out Mr. Orlov. Sucking up to out of control police and/or military is dangerous and stupid. If you are living in danger why increase it by displaying your fear and lack of strength.