Friday, February 13, 2009

Spanish Urban Survival blog

I just created one due to the amount of traffic from Spanish speaking countries:

“Supervivinte Urbano”

"Superviviente Urbano", which means “urban survivalist” only got 526 links in google.
Lets hope that changes and survivalism as general attitude to face life spreads among my fellow Spanish speaking brothers. :)

I don’t expect the kind of traffic we have here. But I still want to help “spread the word” and get on board as many as I can.

The amount of posts there will depend mostly on the interest people show.

So if you are a Spanish speaking person please drop by and post a comment.
Make questions, comments, letters or posts in Spanish you’d like to write and share with others, I’ll post them in the main board.
Also share it with your Spanish speaking friends that can’t read this blog.

Thanks everyone, take care.



Anonymous said...

That's such a good idea!
Espero que tengas exito en Castellano tambien.

(God. My Spanish sucks!)

vdavisson said...

I post your stuff on FreeRebublic.com sometimes. One of these days I'll start a thread referring everyone over here. Thank you for all you do and STAY SAFE!!

Anonymous said...

I recently bought the swedish firesteel army model and I think it's a must have in any survivor-kit.