Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Update on the google “spam report” email

It was indeed google since the message showed up in the google dashboard as well.
I didn’t like the feeling of it so I made a backup of the blog just in case.
This morning the warning was lifted and everything seems to be ok.:)

I used blogger in the first place because it’s the easiest way. I’m learning little by little but I’m really not blog/website savvy.

I didn’t know just anyone could cause you this kind of trouble just by cliking a “report as spam” button.

According to the email, google “programs” confused it with spam.
Those program aren’t very smart. I don’t understand how a program can confuse a blog full of text, updated regularly, and with relatively little links with spam.

The adds are by google adsense and it’s ok to go along with Amazon adds as well.
By the way, I see how the adds can bother a bit, but if I could make some money with it, I could spend more time writing as well.

I think that it probably was someone that clicked some “report spam” button because they didn’t like what they saw here.
Must have been one freedom loving soul, passionate about free speach…:)
That’s ok, I have enough friends.

What I’ll do just in case is stop talking about president Obama and our president, CFK.
My wife told me to cut it out a bit after reading some of the stuff I write. She’s probably right.
Can you believe they actually refer to her that way, just to make her sound a bit like JFK? She has clever marketing people, too bad she’s a .. . right, right, stop talking about her.

Jedi, I’d appreciate a bit of advice. If you send me your email I wont publish it. I’ll write it down to get in contact with you and then reject it.
Sticks, you did well with the armor. It’s one of those things you may need one day, and is very likely to get banned or heavily regulated soon.

Guys, thanks to all of you, for all the support. I was worried at first but now I see it’s probably nothing.



Anonymous said...

This is one time I would say you need to keep talking about things that ARE going on... And the people who need to be "put on the spot"...

If what happened with the warning about your blog was someone who didn't like what you had to say.. well to bad..

People need to speak up more, and you're doing a fine job..

Take care and all the best..

Anonymous said...

What did Goldfinger tell James Bond?

"Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is Enemy Action, Mr Bond"

Anonymous said...

When I first began blogging the host site had their isp decide they were using too much bandwidth and closed everything down. The hosts worked very hard to move everything to another provider. (hope I got the terms straight). It was very frustrating to have everything yanked away.

What I did was begin a second blog on another site - mine are homeschool journal & xanga. The two are exactly the same - sometimes I do not copy from one site to another because the readers on one are not the same readers as the other. Xanga lets me post pictures easily, spell check, & follow footprints to see who has been stopping by. HSJ makes imbedded links & catagories easy. If someone were persistend they could find one from the other (by family links) but they would have to be very very determined.

Perhaps you should consider a mirror blog. Then you could blog about what you wish without so much worry. Xanga also lets you have *private* posts so that only those you approve can read. Maybe that would be an option for your more controversial posts. This one general the other more private. Just a thought anyway.

I had thought about doing the same with google/blogger but didn't want the hassle of learning a third system so just have an account for commenting. :)

Stephanie in AR said...

fwiw trolls & noncommetors leave footprints at xanga.

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed to read that you are going to stop talking about Obama and CFK. People need to hear this stuff and I doubt I'm the only reader who appreciates your insight on such matters.

I also hope that you consider setting up your own website so that you won't have to worry about the Google censors. I'm sure some of your readers would be more than happy to offer free advice on getting started if you asked.

Shy Wolf said...

Ferfal, please do keep posting about CFK and Soeterobama. The world needs to know what these people are doing, how they're destroying lives, if not complete civilisations.
Besides, I like your blog!