Monday, October 12, 2009

About Glocks And Good Ammo

Anonymous said...
As a LEO who carries a Glock 22, .40 cal, I consider it the best in the business. Off duty I have my Model 27 which can use the mags from my Model 22.
Though, I will say, the one time in 10,000 rounds that I have had a malfunction with a Glock, was when I was using the extended 22 mag in my model 27, this caused me to pull the bottom of the mag, and I was using crap training ammo, which lead to a mis-feed upon firing.
The one down side is that the trigger does need to be pulled to field strip, and a Glock will fire a chambered round with the magazine out. Our cleaning tabel has 2 holes in it, showing it can happen to experienced LEO's.
But also being a certified Glock Armorer, I still say there is no finer semi auto than a Glock, and I reccommend the .40 cal or .357 Sig round. And for the zombie ammo, a bonded round like Speer Gold Dot or Remington Bonded Golden Saber is the way to go. Our dept found that out first hand. A non-bonded round will fragment going through auto doors and windshield glass causing minor wound and lacking the mass to stop the bad guys action......If you're not accustomed to a semi auto, I tell folks to stick with a good S&W 6 shooter like the Model 66 or 686 in .357 so you can scale down to a lighter .38+P if you don't want the buck of a magnum round....and stick with the bonded ammo.....just my $.02......

Thanks Anon, I agree with you 100%. Gold Dot is what I use as well in my autos.
The combo of service size Glock/compact or Subcompact Glock is simply the best combination I can think of regarding main gun and backup. Similar operation system, the smaller one can take the bigger one’s mags, same ammo, Glock itself being the best autos these days.



fitpro said...

I too like 124gr+p 9mm Gold Dot but my carry ammo is Corbon DPX. Take a look at the testing and see what you think.
The reason I go with 9mm is strictly for more rounds. I believe in the stopping power as well, if I do my part.

Ryan said...

Seems like good advice all around. I personally would go full size/ compact instead of taking the jump to sub compact. The compact size is easy enough to carry and conceal for most any occasion.

Fredo said...

I have a glock 26 and a XD45C. I prefer the XD - it points more naturally for me, it feels less bricklike in the hand, and I like the trigger better. But all of those are subjective, personal judgements.

As for ammo, I carry Federal HST. All of the testing I have found ranked it quite well. However, since it is a broad-mouthed hollowpoint, one definately needs to run 100-200 rounds through any carry weapon to ensure that it feeds without difficulties. Of course, one should do that with any carry ammunition.