Monday, October 26, 2009

New Email and Reply

Hi everyone. I created a new hotmail account, ferfal308@(remove)hotmail.com- Of course, remove the (remove) part. This is done to avoid spam from programs picking up emails online.
The new email will make things a bit easier for me and help organize. I receive a lot of emial on daily basis so please try to be patient and understand.
I try to answer all of them and post those that I figure would be of interest to others.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the informative post, FerFAL. I like it most when you're able to tie in personal experiences, either yours, or of family members.

I read your book and used it to help build reserves and plans. Compared to before reading your book, now, I have more of the listed items in this post taken care of. The ones that aren't are partially addressed.

Reading this list would have made me feel vulnerable before, but now it makes me feel more confident, because I've done a lot of work and gained new experiences. The last few months have been difficult, but it just goes to show that keeping your head and not giving up, always looking for solutions, will give you good odds of faring alright.

It seems you already figured it out. It's a way you face life and deal with the problems it presents, not to drown yourself in them but so that they impact your life the least.
There's several aspects I enjoy about preparedness, shooting, camping, trying out new gear, having better finances and more options. Its nice to know you have several safety nets, so to speak.
Planning for inconveniences make them less of a problem. And preparing for bigger challenges has even greater importance.
While others suffer different calamities because of their lack of preparedness and proper mindset, you sail through them much more calmly.
There always the luck factor, and then there’s the Big Guy upstairs that has the final word. Bu its no coincidence that the careless happy go lucky gets mugged half a dozen times a year, while the one that is more cautious fares better. I once met a woman that had her cell phone snatched out of her hands while using it on the street 6 times so far this year! Lady, Geez… wake up!
Some for the person that’s sloppy with his finances, always penniless, and when they make a couple bucks put together they waste them on the silliest things you can think of. Then you understand, no wonder that person is always broke.



Anonymous said...

It seems to me like having a source of income, when everybody else is fighting for a handful of jobs, is the essential part. You yourself noted that in Argentina there was usually food, but buying it was the hard part. I seem to remember stories about desperate people looting markets in the wake of the bank shutdown. They had no cash and no way to get cash, so they simply took what they needed.

It is good to know how to sell, but you need to have something to sell, and to have confidence in what you're selling. That's my big struggle-developing the confidence to sell my skills with confidence, and to be confident enough in myself that people know I really mean it.

For Americans, "confidence" is different from the "self-esteem" garbage peddled in USA schools that makes youth ARROGANT instead of CONFIDENT. People do know the difference. It seems that TPTB want an arrogant people, not a confident people. There's also the matter of the "empty suit"-he who can sell but has nothing worth buying. Like Obama. It takes skills AND selling. If you've got that, you'll be able to get by.

War is another matter, a large war can level a society and force everybody into desperation. I don't think that will happen in USA, I think the government and its supporters will quickly be bottled up in a handful of cities when the people rebel and will fall. I think a situation like that in Argentina is more likely. The K's even tried to "fix" the economy by printing money, which created a boom that has now crashed, so they went after the media for reporting how they failed. I can see Obama doing the same-there are rampant rumors here of an "Obama enemies list" and of official attempts to destroy populist media personalities like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

Anonymous said...

Obama is an empty suit. we have a saying in Texas "all hat and no cattle".Looks like a President, acts like a President, but doesn't have a clue about being a President or making decisions.As it becomes more and more apparent how ineffective he is the more angry and defensive he will be.Chicago politics will not work in Washington.DANGEROUS SITUATION.