Tuesday, October 27, 2009

$USD (or percentage) allocation‏

(Note From FerFAL:Today The Modern Survival Manual made it to #1 in the Disaster Relief category at Amazon, officially making it a best seller. Not sure if its still there but it felt great to get there :-) Thanks to all of you for being there, spreading the word about my blog and book. )
if you had $100 how much would you spend?
how much would you save? how would you
spend it? how would you save it?
extended: 1000? 10000?
for example: using your Grandmother's experience,
and the 100 limit, would you save ALL of it?
if you could prepare before the crisis....
would you save it in paper money? silver/gold?
bottom line, i'm looking for numbers.
just an opinion:
if 100, then save save 100% in paper money.
if 1000, save 50% in money and spend 50% on food.
if 10000, 3000 money/3000 gold/3000 food/1000 guns+ammo.
please let me know your way of handling the above amounts.

Man, that's hard. I've probably answered such a question a dozen times, and i doubt I ever gave the same reply. And how could I? If you have 10.000, should you put 30% on gold, or 54%, or 44%??
As of today, and not taking into account the infinite variables that affect people in a case per case basis:

100: Dude, that's kind of low. Work hard on saving more money for sure. :-)
Other than a used Kbar knife, a cheapo LED flashlight using AA batteries, I'd put most of that into buying food and storing water using used soda bottles.

1000: Looking better but not much. Buy a gun if you dont own one already. A box of ammo, spare magazine, holster, food, some basic gear(you can now afford some camping gear for improvised shelter), used multitool on ebay, flashlight(get a headlamp too), spare batteries, first aid kit, food, and keep a couple hundred bucks cash for emergencies.

3000:Same as above, but include an AK and a couple extra mags, more ammo for both guns. You might want to put 500 bucks into silver and 500 spare cash.

10000: Same as above. but put 50% of the rest into precious metals, gold but mostly silver.1oz, and "junk" silver coins, junk gold can't hurt either if the price is right. You might want to add a 22LR handgun or rifle, and spare AK and Glock

+10000:Start looking into Swiss bank accounts (easier to open than most people think) and investing in real estate, since the price has gone down a lot in some places. AS of today, I'd keep 1/2 of my money in PM and for bigger amounts I'd invest it in real estate.



Anonymous said...

More emphasis should be placed on food, something like a minimum of 6 month to 1 year's worth to see one through a period when precious metals will not be widely traded and during a time when food shortages may occur. Although the situation appears similar to that of Argentina, the U.S. is unique and can't be expected to experience a collapse exactly like Argentina's. If money is tight, get a water filter or water storage, 3 months of food, then protection, and then 3 more months of food. Do some thing like this, taking a balanced approach as one prepares and continue until comfortable.

Personally, an inexpensive Remington 870 shotgun might be considered over and an expensive Glock and it would be far more effective for someone with little training. Glocks are twice the price of the 12Ga.870 shotgun and money saved should go for food. It takes lots of practice to get good with the Glock or any hangun, and with a shotgun, a less than well placed shot, will be more effective. Try the low or managed recoil 00 buck loads from Winchester. It's same that law enforcement uses. A 12ga. kicks harder than most hunting rifles. Practice with cheap 'game loads'. If possible try it before you buy. Get the Glock and the ammunition to become proficient latter. If really broke, start with 3 months of food and water and pepper spray.

Thanks FerFal for what you do. We can show our appreciation by sharing our thoughts and helping eachother.


Jack said...

While I agree with storing more food, and having a shotgun for home defense, you can't carry a shotgun down to check your mail, or at the grocery store. The only real option is a pistol of some type, pepper spray just doesn't cut it.

If you can't afford a Glock, get a cheaper used handgun that is in good shape. When you can afford a Glock, the first handgun will make a good spare for another family member or backup weapon for those really bad days.

For a used gun, I'd try to get the same caliber as the Glock you want to buy. Used Ruger, Taurus, & Bersa 9mm's can be found for around $300, and the Hi-Point 9mm can be bought new for less than $200. Then when you get enough money, you can buy a Glock 19.

p.s. I like revolvers, but good used 38/357's that are concealable are very expensive nowdays. It's hard to find one for less than $450 (about equal to a new Glock). Plus, then you've got to start stocking up on an additional ammo calibers.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your reply...
AND saying plastic Soda Bottles for water storage. milk containers are made to degrade. soda bottles will last long enough. i've been there.

Patrick said...

Heads up everybody, the USD is gearing up for a new uptrend, at least for a while. We´ll see confirmation of that if the dollar index and pop above 78. I expect some pull back before that, you usually see a pull back before any more break out, like a sling-shot winding up. If you do see that, then definetely hold off from buying precious metals until gold stabilizes (my best guess, around $850). If you´re so concerned that the US dollar is about to collapse that you feel the compulsion to buy gold, go ahead, in the long run it will be a good decision, but you could save a lot of money and or buy more if you wait for a while.

Same goes for silver, my target to start buying silver again in physical form is around $12. I´m currently holding "virtual" silver to protect my profits from buying dollars on margin, but that´s another thing entirely.

I own a gold coin from 1894 Germany (20 marks, 30 years later that coin would sell for billions of marks) and a bit of silver, I wouldn´t sell then for anything less than $2000 per ounce of gold and $40 per ounce of silver.

If you want to save money now, buying US dollars might not be such a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

Jack said: "If you´re so concerned that the US dollar is about to collapse that you feel the compulsion to buy gold, go ahead, in the long run it will be a good decision, but you could save a lot of money and or buy more if you wait for a while."

Timing the market is difficult for even the best day traders and 90% of them usually loose money eventually. Don't play, but invest in the major trends. Buy gold and silver and hang on.