Monday, October 19, 2009

OC Spray in Massachusetts

Mr. Aguirre,
One small note regarding Cap'nRick's post. I do know of a place where pepper spray is illegal. Unless you have an FID card or a Class A or B permit to carry (both of which require completion of a multi-hour class), don't get caught with pepper spray in Massachusetts.
Very respectfully,

LT Joshua

Thanks Lt. Joshua.
Amazing. Seems that Massachusetts works hard protecting all those poor helpless rapists from victim-rapist crime. Nice to know they still care!



Anonymous said...

This is true. The government here flat out hates the citizens of this commonwealth. They literally hate us. It is open season on decent people up here.

Anonymous said...

Howabout carry wasp spray instead?

Just A Guy said...

Bear spray from REI works, wicked stuff.

Jono said...

That is really, really stupid! Might as well just make your own from cayenne pepper as Rick described!

Anonymous said...

In Belgium, pepper spray is illegal also unless you're a licensed security guard / bodyguard.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, some people in the US (Democrats) think crime is a tool for social and economic justice.

The criminal is merely taking what racial and economic injustice has deprived him of his entire life.

So the last thing they want is for the poor, downtrodden, criminal to get hurt in the commission of a crime. Better to call 911, wait a few minutes and let the police sort it out.