Sunday, October 4, 2009

CapnRick's Reply: California (not) dreaming

CapnRick said...

Nice read, guys! Thanks for these thought provoking posts. We need to keep sharing this stuff.

These posts show the preview of what will ultimately be the result in those areas of the USA where class warfare (the elite left against the middle class) is allowed to flourish.

The progressives take steps to bankrupt the economy because they know that the resulting fear and guilt will put them in power to force their view of a unified government control... meanwhile, enriching themselves and their commercial stooges. Then, they use the labor unions and radical organizations to control the schools and universities, indoctrinate the young, bring the media and what's left of the financial system under government control. The government becomes the dominant employer, continues to stir up class warfare and continues to drain the treasury to keep the fear level of economic hardship/survival high so that their bold steps to rush through their agenda will be allowed. As Rahm Emmanuel said..."never let a good crisis go to waste", as exemplified by this administration spending more money in 8 months than the entire expenditure of the US government in history. They were allowed to do it due to fear of financial meltdown, enabling the administration to GUARANTEE financial meltdown for their own benefit. Those who are aware of the recent history of Argentina, Venezuela, Russia and Zimbabwe understand what is happening in California.

Those states who already have a state income tax, who tax food items, who have bankrupted their state to benefit welfare issues like California and Arizona are the first to fall... because, when the revenue dries up, there are no additional sources of funds. States such as Texas and Florida have these additional forms of revenue to tap if needed. One may wonder if the states that have their economies under control may decide if they want to continue to share their wealth with Washington, DC or not.

El Chavez and the Ks have this routine down pat, and look at the US slide towards government control with big grins of satisfaction. What they are overlooking is the power of online journalists to bring illegal government activity to the attention of our strong criminal justice/judicial systems... something that AR and VZ haven't had in so long that they are no longer aware of the existance of such a system.

We still lock up politicians currently in power, while VZ and AR await the next bunch of crooks to be in power before bringing politicians to justice.

Ron Paul's flat tax looks like a good idea to consider, but, I don't see any national-level support.

Keep up the good work, guys. -CapnRick


Anonymous said...

Texas has historically exploited sentiment by employing an "us against the world" mentality. It was such a strategy that led to the Texas revolution in the 1830s. It would work again if a popular persona were to begin a well thought out campaign against Washington. The only problem is that the government we would get as a result of such a campaign would most likely be no better than that which we have now.

Anonymous said...

Another Texan here-
The first anon post is correct, we've always maintained a romantic idea of independence. But I would fear the state government taking control of a newly-independent Texas. They're just not competent enough to manage things such as borders, tariffs or a currency.

If the fed gov. completely pulled out of Texas we would be in shambles. We have entire towns formed around military bases and federal prisons. We don't raise enough revenue to pay for a border patrol, especially if we needed to patrol the Northern, Western and Eastern borders as well as the Southern Border.

In regard to CapnRick's post, I would only add that identifying the current government as 'left' or 'progressive' only continues the lie that there is a choice to be had between the National Democratic and Republican Parties. There is no difference between the two - they serve as window dressing to make people believe they have a choice when it's election time. We should just declare ourselves the United States of Goldman Sachs/ Citigroup/ Wells Fargo. And we can pledge allegiance, to the bankers, of the United States of ...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I bookmarked this site earlier since I found it an interesting perspective on Argentina and it's financial crisis. When I came back I guess it turned into Free Republic. Good luck with the new site.

gaga said...

I can't figure out why a non-American site would include a post like this as most people in the world would find it incomprehensible. Still, it emphasises the US's need for a better health care system for its Schizophrenics.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that the public will continue to let Washington dominate their lives as the vast majority will seek handouts offered during the bleak times ahead. Most are clueless and will continue to be clueless and will accept whatever.

The U.S. as we knew it no longer exists and those who cling to the values that made the nation strong will be persecuted.
I will hopefully be able to immigrate as I feel this is no longer my country, yet at my age and with my poor health, it may be difficult to start over... We can only hope that Americans take back what was stolen from them and perhaps some states will have the guts, but we will have to learn some hard lessons first. Most only learn the hard way.


Don Williams said...

A New York Times blog on economics has started an interesting series on Argentina's massive loss in income over the past century --and trying to figure out why that happened.

See "What Happened to Argentina" at

Note: The Harvard professor writing the blog refers to Argentina suffering the "External Shocks" of WWI, WWII and the Great Depression. But , of course, Argentina suffered MUCH less than Europe from the devastation of those events -- so it's relative prosperity should have ROSE, not declined, compared to Europe and Japan. Instead, the opposite happened.

Don Williams said...

1) Anon who made the second post at 8:15 am has a point. I worked as a volunteer in Obama's campaign and would probably be considered a leftist by Captain Rick -- although some leftists consider me more of a Pat Buchanan/Barry Goldwater Paleoconservative and/or crypto-Bolshevik because of my fondness for guns. hee hee

2) I myself prefer to focus on the facts --rather than on what political sports team I am supposed to be cheering for.

3) Given the high percentage of national income held by small elites in Argentina and the USA, you can argue that those countries have many problems -- but Socialist government is NOT one of them.

4) The leftists themselves are increasing dismayed at signs that some prominent Democratic leaders are selling out to wealthy interests on things like the healthcare reform. A recent column calls such the "Rabbit Ragu Democrats" --after an expensive Italian restaurant in Washington DC where they congregate.


vdavisson said...

Want to see what's happening in Venezuela? Watch a family's farm being stolen from them "legally" by Chavez's regime. Coming to the US soon courtesy of Chavez's cousin Obama:


Anonymous said...

Posts like this are becoming more common on this blog. Less survival, more bizarre political commentary. It's too bad.

Jason Cato said...

FYI Ron Paul doesn't support a flat tax. He wants to eliminate the income tax and replace it with nothing.
He advocates a greatly scaled back federal government, humble self-defense only military, and the end to entitlements.

Hans said...

I'm surprised that there are enough liberals reading this blog to be bothered by comments like CapnRick's. It's also rather revealing that some of them are self-avowed Obama supports. I suppose these are the seeds of class warfare that the US will be experiencing from here on out. The Obama fans are the proto-Kirchner supporters. Sad. We should all recognize that both sides are selling out the American people, and playing divisive politics just plays into their game and keeps the criminals in power.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1 and 2, Don Williams, Hans: all +1.

Left and Right are relics of an outdated philosophical dichotomy that has little to do with reality in the postmodern world. There are no inclusive politics today, only narrow interests and primary loyalties.

Government, corporations, unions, gangs, churches; they're all singular entities with separate interests who seek to manipulate a broken legal/institutional system to extract personal wealth and impose their agenda on those outside their in-group.

Fragmentation and manipulation will be the defining features of the politics of the future; egalitarianism and ideology died in the 20th Century.

CapnRick said...

WOW! I really POd the progressives. Please note that they got blood in their eyes and probably didn't read the rest of the comment. There are Republican progressives as well... and they are close to becoming a majority in the party... see Glen Beck's comments on this. There are many Democrats who are NOT progressives. MY POINT WAS THAT CALIFORNIA AND ARIZONA ARE EXAMPLES OF THE FUTURE OF THE USA. WE NEED TO PAY ATTENTION. WE NEED TO KNOW THAT CLASS WARFARE IS USED BY PROGRESSIVES TO GRAB VOTES AND POWER SO THE ELITE CAN STEAL EVERYTHING. The US recession would be over in about 90 days if the pols and the banks would quit lining their pockets for that time.

Notice that the progressives demonizing Texas are using the progressive tactic of attacking this great state instead of humbly admitting that the point that Texas doesn't tax people to death ... yet.

Also, I consider all regimes that take from those people with jobs to give to those that don't work, vigorously oppose open markets and oppose business to keep the jobless levels high because from poverty comes progressive power... is,in fact a socialist state. No need to show posters of Mao, Ho Chi Minh and Marx to qualify... a dollar sign will suffice. Progressives who complain about being unfairly labeled as socialist may as well ditch the sheep's clothing.

Those who wish to reply may contact me at ricdav77 @ hot mail dot com