Saturday, October 3, 2009

Want to save America? Do your own “Change”

Maybe some of you heard about Peron, maybe not.

Peronism, in the form of the political party called “Justicialismo”(Justicia means Justice in Spanish) is still the most powerful political party in Argentina, after al these years, after proving time and again it’s simply worthless.

Why? You see, Justicialismo is actually a good idea.

As politician Lilita Cario explained, Justicialismo is based on keeping a majority part of the population poor AND uneducated, made to believe that the reason for their calamities are the “rich”, and Justicialismo will fairly redistribute the wealth. Meanwhile they deal with some of the most perverse corporations in the world under the table for huge personal profit. Since the mass is uneducated, they fail to see this two faced speech Justicialismo has.

This is of course an evil and perverse system, profiting and gaining power through the misery of the people.

Hey, but it works. Works in Argentina, and with slight difference of color and flavor works in other countries as well.

In the above picture, the sign translates to “I left Cuba to Venezuela, then from Venezuela to the United States. Where do I go from here?” (Dont like McCain, but the sign is still good)

Photos By Carlos Miller.

Another powerful tool Justicialismo has and is getting used a lot these days by the K government, is that you can’t change things, you can’t defeat them.

The overall philosophy would be “Yes we are corrupt, we lie and we steal, but we are majority and we have the power so you can’t do anything”.

BS, you can always do something, but as long as most people believe nothing can be done, no one will ever try, and that’s just what they want.

But the reality is that with truth, honesty and justice on your side, you can do a great deal.

Right now the K power is shattering in Argentina, even as they pass their brutal K Media Law, that will allow full power of every media channel to the president, turning us into another Venezuela, they are already weakening. The lost the previous elections for congressmen, nad the vice president is already working with the opposition to change this dictatorial law as soon as the new congress takes over.

My point is, things can be done. Today with the internet a great deal of difference can be made working through the proper channels.

The only way to change the bad politics is when the good guys get involved.

Organize rallies, peaceful protests where they are required, I’m telling you doing something, your own little grain of sand is the only way in which you can change things.

Anyone wanting to send emails or post comments regarding rallies to support Ron Paul, or organize pro Second Amendment rallies, please feel free to do so.

Survivalism also includes or families, out children and grandkids. What kind of world do we want them to grow in? What kind of rights do we want them to enjoy?



Anonymous said...

Your experiences are much appreciated.

The WWII Japanese Admiral referred to U.S.: "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."

Let's hope we awaken in time to save it. Once the Constitution is lost, and it is little understood and largly ignored, it may be lost forever.

milton f said...

Thanks, FerFal for saying what you say.
just Maybe, a critical mass of Americans will be reached and we will slay the progressivist dragon.
Or die trying.

And then there WILL be a place for those who just want to be left alone to their own devices, to enjoy FREEDOM.

Carlos Miller said...

If you're going to use my photos without my permission, at least give me credit.

FerFAL said...

You're right Carlos. Sorry. I added the link below, giving propper credit. If you want me to remove them just let me know.


Carlos Miller said...

It's cool. All I ask for is credit. Thanks.

DaveP said...

Ferfal - I hear you - we in Pittsburgh just recently hosted the G20 summit, and us former Ron Paul supporters held out own summit, Freedom Conference 2009.

We had Joan Veon, Tom Woods and G Edward Griffin as speakers trying to wake up our local population to the fact that it's not just an us (leftists) against them (corporatist) it's THEM against EVERYBODY.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that the fight for freedom and liberty is alive and well in the Rustbelt.


Anonymous said...


Love the blog. Actually, was turned on to it by one of the guys commenting on this article (Shout out to my homie DaveP!) and it has proven to be an invaluable resource. It really is enlightening to read the words of one who has experienced the real life consequences of socialism/statism. What many Americans fail to understand (and why they fall for the pie in the sky promises of "Big Government") is that the stated goals of statists (be they socialist, communist, facist, or other) are not the real goals. More Americans should read your descriptions of how the Argentine government appeals to populist rhetoric and actually gets in bed with corrupt corporations. Same thing here in America and around the world. Ask your more skeptical friends where Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, etc. actually got the money for their "people's revolution." They were financed by wealthy "capitalists" who understood the truth. Statism, of whatever variety, is the ultimate top-down control scheme. It is a way of forever stifling competition, and protecting the current elite from those below them! After all, when you have so much money you can't spend it all, what is the point of merely acquiring more? The real point is power over your fellow man, and the (re)establishment of an aristocracy, all under the guise of "redistributing wealth." Thanks again for all the useful info.

Jay B. in Pittsburgh PA