Friday, October 23, 2009

Little Gadget Worth the 2 Bucks.

$2.29 actually, and free shipping world wide.

White LED
UV Light

Bought two from DX (LINK) and so far I like it a lot. Both my wife and I added them to our keychains.(mine is getting a bit too big, but I've seen worse)
Has a laser for pointing out stuff or giving classes or lectures if that's your thing, an emergency LED white light(not great, a bit bluish) and finally the reason why I bough these: The UV light. Not too powerful but enough for a quick check looking for funny money. Even though its just one of the safety measures (made a post about this before, LINK), its quick and helps detection, since counterfeit bills are pretty common.
I had such a key chain UV light and it served me well for many years.
Again, no relationship with DX whatsoever, I don’t get a single cent out of it just think its a nice bargain. DX isn't the most reliable seller, but this time they delivered a good product (batteries placed the wrong way though)
Check these or find a keychain UV light locally. There's going to be a lot of counterfeit money out there soon.
Take care.



Anonymous said...

A quick google brought up many such lights, for example the following:


That DX light sounds pretty cheap, if an American is gonna get a keychain UV light they need to get a good one. I know that I have a bunch of stuff in my pockets, so I need a tough UV light. There are many of these out there, simply google "keychain UV light" and browse.

Dan Tanner said...

Just ordered two, and a tritium vial... =-]

Bones said...

Here's a link to the official US government website information page about the new US paper currency designs. Well worth a read as the new designs incorporate a LOT of security features that make if far more easy to spot counterfeits.


Anonymous said...

if it's a true uv light you can also use it to sterilize things...like water..