Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Real world: Gun vs Unarmed

Check out this video. I’ll keep posting these when I find them since I believe there’s lot to be learned from what really happens on the street. Comments and observations are more than welcomed:


Personal observations:

1)The gun is a weapon, but it does not make you a fighter or wise warrior anyone than buying a Japanese sword makes you a samurai.
The tool must go along with the wisdom and skill to use it.

2)“Gangsta” stile, getting into contact range is a pretty stupid idea and may work when you have your “gangsta” buddies near by with their own guns, otherwise, the same rules apply: At contact range the best hand to hand fighter usually wins. This is important for us too guys: Firearms work when you have a minimum range, otherwise you better have a knife and be damn good at H2H fighting.

3)Skater boy looks skinny but he’s clearly strong and most importantly, smart: He talks his way into grabing the armed hand before striking the guys face. A fast disarm move world have worked, but without practice he would have risked a punch to his own face, so he grabs the gun and punches. Then comes something you may have missed. That kid knows how to take someone to the ground. Not pretty, very unorthodox, but its clear he has done it before. Probably in other fights or just messing around with buddies, maybe just fooling around with friends in non aggressive games but it is still practice.

4)Skater boy is smart, clearly has the right mindset and even manages a good mount, but it’s clear he does not know how to strike. Dropping a few bombs, a few good punches to the gangsta’s face would have ended that fight leaving the bad boy unconscious with a bloody face. The head may be too hard to hit with your bare hand, but the nose, cheek bone and jaw don’t have a chance against well thrown punches. Learn to punch people. A blow to the jaw form the mount can mean instant knockout. After that you are just beating on an unconscious man.

5)We saw this on a previous video. The floor is an ugly place to be in. In this one the good guy wins, but in a previous post we saw a kid getting killed, hit with a 2x4 because he was on the ground. Notice here that a buddy also sows up and tried to hit gangsta over the head with the skateboard!
I was talking over the phone with my brother yesterday, he was remembering once when he got into a fight on the beach (In Mar del Plata :-) ) and ended up on the floor, a friend of his came running and kicked the other guy in the head, ending the fight for good. That can either leave you unconscious on the floor or dead.

6) Fights are not always the same. There's no one rule fits all. Sometimes you can avoid them, sometimes you can't, sometimes, you can run, get away, and sometimes the best thing to do is drop somone to the ground like this kid did, becuase based on the particular sitaution it was the best alterantive.



Anonymous said...

Wow, Ferfal, where did this happen? That is so awful, where the person is minding his own business, just skating, and gets attacked out of the blue. Where is the followup I wonder for this story?

When you get a chance, would you mind blogging a bit about windows and doors? The doors and windows in California (unless you are in a low income neighborhood) are ridiculous. All windows, often front door is entirely a window in a frame!

Thanks for the heads up on what lies ahead.

Ryan said...

Very interesting. The kid didn't have much formal technique but he made up for it by some (obvious) knock around experience and being game.

Guns are a distance weapon so by all means use that distance. Honestly at 2 feet a knife is probably better than a gun.

Pitt said...

If that skater had been a little better with his hands, he could have choked that other kid out or broken his arm at several points in that fight. Evidently skaters stick together because several of his friends jumped in and got their licks in too. Nicely done all told. The kid with the gun obviously thought he was in control until the fists started ringing his bell.

Anonymous said...

1.Fatboy gangsta needs to lay off the McDonalds Supersize meals and get to a gym if he's going to stir things up. He's gotten himself on the outside of WAY too many Big Macs.

2.If Skater Boy's buddy had hit Thug in the back of the head with the edge of his skateboard instead of the flat part, Thug would now have trouble adding two-digit numbers. If he'd taken that hit at the base of the skull where it meets the spinal cord, he might be dead. Guns don't make you immortal, yo?

I now have a new respect for "skaters." They know how to play through pain, just by the nature of their sport. They have balance and coordination. With a little formal training and more upper body strength, that kid could do some serious damage in a fight.

Very instructive video. And inspirational! Bad @ss "gangsta" gets what he deserves!

Dave in California

subby said...

Just some kid playing gangsta. He was using his gun as an intimidation tool, first sign of someone not willing to pull the trigger. He's lucky the skater was content at just wailing on him.

Someone more sadistic could easily have shot him and killed him with his own gun. And just imagine if the skater carried a knife and chose to use it.