Thursday, October 15, 2009

Little update

Hi everyone, just wanted to say I’m sorry for some of the unanswered emails. I’ve had lots of stuff going on (all of them good thank God!) and so little time left. Among other things, my second son is having his 1st birthday and is getting baptized next week, in the same cathedral we got married.
I’ll do my best to answer the emails sooner or later, just please, be patient, know that I’m just a bit overwhelmed and don’t doubt about sending questions again if you notice I missed them.
One thing though: Sometimes people ask about thinks that have already been covered recently , try using the Topics and “Search This Blog” engine. Both are on the left column scrolling down a bit, below the adds.
Also, I didn’t post about this before but its important news at least for Argentines: The K Media Law was approved last week.
I’ve mentioned this before hoping it wouldn’t pass but well, it did.
The K Media Law gives total power to the president regarding licenses for media to operate, printed news, TV and Radio, they determine what content is legal or not, they take away companies from media groups … supposedly to avoid monopolies… and give them to their own buddies to spread officinal propaganda.
Keeping it simple, we legally lost freedom of speech in Argentina last week.
I think we have a year until this law is fully enforced but we already lost that battle, and if we want our freedom of speech back we’ll have to do something about it. As of today, again, according to the law, the president decides what we read, watch on TV and listen to on the radio.
Sucks? Oh yes it does. And you know what? No one did anything about it. I didn’t do anything about it either, just sat and watched it happen like a plane crash, or worse.



Anders said...

Well at least you've got the internett. Oppressing free speech is a lot harder for the dictators of today than back in the 80's. Just think about how many people worlwide gets to hear a bit about whats happenning in Argentina through your blogg.
Even in Iran the opposition is able to coordinate their efforts using social medias like twitter and facebook.

Bones said...

Watching Kirchner and Chavez systematically dismantle democracy is a sickening sight. Of course, the obama administration is silent.

Anonymous said...


I have thrown this question out to you in different form a few different times....but always unanswered. Seeing your last comments on this piece make me think you might be ready to answer.

Whether to be Allie fox or Tom the Tinker.....take care or your own by ignoring problems of society while prepping for the worst or take care of your own by instigating social change....

At what point in Argentina will people break out the pots....or worse...You know everyone gets to vote with their finger, their feet or their guns (or pots).....

I’ve read many times the effective changes made due to pot banging, but they didn’t work....what is the breaking point? What makes people yell ...I'm a human being damnit! My life has value! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WINDtlPXmmE

At what point would you personally become involved in implementing social change...would you do this only when your family is harmed? As people who think long term survivalists tent to be, in my opinion, more prone to being Allie Fox. However, Perhaps the Jews thought the same what in Nazi Germany, people in Stalin’s Russia, etc…..At what point do survivalists survive by implementing social change by force (guns) or threat of force (pots). We can stack preps all we want but face it, if the government wants something you have, or you are thought to be a threat, you are finished. Who is a bigger threat to the government….a well spoken bilingual free thinking prepared individual with the ability to train others or the sheep. Perhaps with freedom of speech gone one would either have to have a VERY low profile (IE, blogless) or begin to protect yourself and family through implementing change while you still can, in whatever form is necessary/effective.

Seems to me the pot banging only got you a new leader cut from the same cloth as the old. I know Argentina is a totally different world than some other countries, I am not advocating any action, just curious as to the opinion of yourself….or “the average Argentine”…..

Keep up the good work.


KeithC said...

This makes probably the twentieth time I've posted this since you started your blog ;) but stay safe, brother. You once told me you weren't worried because they had bigger fish to fry than paying attention to some nobody posting on the Web. Well, they've fried a lot of big fish and now you're "an internationally published author". I know it's home and all but you might want to start considering an exit strategy and don't wait too long to pull the trigger.

Stay safe, bro (#21), and watch your back.

livefree said...

We're beginning to se the first steps towards our own "O" law here in Amerika..

The Marxist regime here is attacking the conservative media (Fox News), and legislation is being discussed to give Obama executive privilege to turn off the internet in America, "should he deem the necessity"..

Scary and sad times here in America...

recon said...

does the k media law have any control over the internet? obama is trying to pass a 'cybersecurity act of 2009' that campaign for liberty says will allow gov to shut down all or part of the american internet in event of an 'emergency', definitely would mark the beginning of the end of net neutrality.

Don Williams said...

In my opinion, Anon's question at 7:15 am is not very reasonable.

Perhaps Anon would like to Wiki Argentine's Guerra Sucia (Dirty War).
See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dirty_War

Part of Operation Condor:

Run by you-know-who:


Anonymous said...

Second Don William's call that Anon's question is not kosher.


FerFAL said...

Hi Junker, I do what I can and think is right.
I'm in no way supporting or participating in an illegal activity of any kind, nor do I plan to do so in the future.
I do my part. When I find an open minded individual I take my time, talk to him/her, take them shooting, do what I can. I already decided to leave (even though its taking forever)so there's no point in getting involved politicaly. Besides, there's not a single political party here in Argentina I would trust enough. There's no Argentine Ron Paul version.
Regarding the average Argentine. They take all kinds of abuse until they start starving, like all sheep world wide.


Anonymous said...

Well, that is pretty funny guys....is it really a taboo topic to discuss?.....I didn't ask Ferfal to come out and lead a revolution, and yes, I know a little about history....

But it is important to think about, If no one stands up and says "this is wrong and I won't stand for it".....then there will ne no good countries to "bug out" too......

Im simply trying to get people to think outside the spectrum of classical survivalist.....

Sometimes, in order to survive, you must do things you normally would not. Now, Ferfal can (sounds like he has plans) get out of the country, but suppose all countries were like Argentina, because no one stood up for what was right anywhere......what then...

Dealing with people on a 1 on 1 level does make a difference....but im just discussing other options of true survivalism.....so relax.

- Junker Jorg