Friday, December 25, 2009

Reply:More Home Invasions in Texas

Loquisimo said...
What do you think about a rifle? I was thinking maybe a .22LR (too small?) or something similar. Maybe a Winchester rifle like the 73, or a Garand. For a pistol, a .50 caliber would be nice, as it will kill an intruder DEAD, first time, and make a very LARGE hole. Some guy used a .50 pistol in a shootout with the cops near Redding, and the holes it made were several INCHES in diameter. A shotgun won't necessarily kill the first time, and if some thug is in your house you need him dead with the first shot.

A .50 will do big holes of course but I’d stick to defensive calibers such as 9mm, 40 S&W, 45ACP and 357SIG or 357 Magnum. A 50 is a hunting round, or for fun, too big and too slow for defensive purposes, and if you hit the bad guy in a place that stopped him, any of the calibes mentioned above loaded with good ammo would have done so too.
For rifles, no not a 22LR, better get an AK, if you have the buck for it a 308 such as a FAL or M1A1.

Anonymous said...
A good list, but...the Saiga .12 gauge, built on the indestructible and time tested AK platform should be listed as a reliable semi-auto home defense shotgun!


Its supposedly very reliable and would do a number on a badguy at indoor ranges.
Mayberry said...
things are relatively quiet here in Corpus Christi, but the Mexican gangs are getting bolder this past year. I've got a 12 guage handy, and I'm surrounded by neighbors who will shoot first and ask questions later. I do need to get a larger, center fire pistol (I'm thinking .357 magnum), but I'm thinking food storage takes precedence at the moment, with the food crisis looming for next year. Crops were devastated in Texas this year, and other states, as well as other parts of the world. Being on a very limited budget, it's a tough choice for me. But I've got places in the country to bug out to (which I will do before things get too bad), places where I have a tight knit group of like minded individuals. I'm talking 30 people or more, so 24/7 security will not be a problem. We have a large garden there. So maybe the pistol would be a better investment? But then again, ammo is scarce for .357, 9mm, .380, .45ACP, etc... What do you think?

Hi Mayberry, Id’ very much recommend you to buy a good handgun right away. A used Glock 19/17 will do and wont hurt the pocket much.
Specially since you are considering maybe getting together with others you seem to trust, someone will sure have a few rounds of 9mm to spare.That one of the nice things of common military/police rounds.
Still, get a few boxes yourself now. The calibers mentioned above are pretty common. Even if they are selling a lot lately, they are the most common ones so you’ll always be more likely to find them, and pay reasonable prices too. That’s why I recommend a Glock 19, or 17 if you have very big hands. The 19 would be the easiest one to carry concealed. If you don’t own a single defensive caliber handgun, indeed, make it a top priority.


Jack said...

Loquisimo must either be a troll, an idiot, or “very crazy” – he wants a rifle in 22lr, but maybe a Winchester 73 (30-30 is standard) or a Garand (30-06 or .308)? And he wants a .50 cal pistol, but doesn’t think a 12 gauge shotgun (would be .73 cal if it was measured that way) is big enough?

recon said...

my experience with the saiga12 left me unimpressed, it did not reliably cycle

Jedi said...


You probably already know about this, but if you don't, keep an eye on TexasGunTrader.com . You'll find a lot of the firearms you need and at very reasonable prices. I've found that most sellers are very open to negotiating, so always push the limits a bit on how low your initial offer is.

BulgarWheat said...

I keep a G23 on my hip, a Mossberg 12Ga. handy, and an M4 with a 30 round magazine in my gun safe.

someone comes in the front/back door uninvited, they be dealt with promptly.

Anonymous said...

As they say, a pistol is for fighting your way back to your rifle, and the AK is without doubt the most reliable in all conditions. It is the Glock of rifles. Although I greatly appreciate the Garand, M1A, AR, HK, and FAL, the AK is king. Can you be your own gun smith? Do you know what spare parts are needed? All mechanical devices break, malfunction, and require maintenance and you may not have the time to learn and deal with these issues, then the AK is for you. It will run without lubrication, with mud, sand, snow, water, and rust in the receiver and in extreme cold. If the bolt won't at first cycle, take a rock, boot, or tree limb and smack the charging handle with brute force, and it will run again. Buy the highest quality AK possible, there is a ton of junk out there. Unless well versed in the AK, buy new in the box. Mac 90's are highest quality for the lowest price. Arsenal brand is arguably one of the better and more expensive. Get 6 or more 30 round steel Com-Block mags.

If one lives in the wide open country side, then perhaps a more accurate rifle is needed. Most AK's are accurate enough out to maximum of 150 yards, yet most will find hitting a moving target at 200 yards is not realistic and most of what we'll have to deal with will be within 50 yards.

Use soft point ammunition or Wolf Military Classic HP, but not the stuff in the black colored box. The wound ballistics on the FMJ are not impressive yet it does work. Study Faclker and others. The experts conclude that no cartridge will guaranteed put'em down instantly unless hit in the central nervous system. As hunters do to make sure the game does not get away and dies 'humanely', use expanding/fragmenting bullets. Law enforcement uses soft point ammunition in their rifles. At least run SP every other round. It is worth the extra cost because it makes the firearm so much more effective. Shoot an FMJ at a gallon jug of water, then use the SP. You will be impressed. Be concerned about the dopers, the Meth heads, the speed freaks and the like that are common here, that will loot and kill for their drugs and then food. Don't expect these guys to stop just because they have been shot.

Gus said...

USMC standard issue is a Beretta m9 9mm Bertta.But where they have a choice(special opps and units where they allow choice even though they are breaking thr reg.) most choose 1911 A1 .45,for knock down power. Colt, Springfeild Kimber etc.9mm just won't always cut it against a charging fanatic.
(or a crazed dope head)but recoil can be a problem for some citizens.

In Nam River Rats used #6 12 ga. Buck.Tighter pattern,bigger hole .

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the SAIGA. Even their own branded 10rd mags would not fit the 12GA out of the box. Next.