Friday, December 11, 2009

Dmitry's Reply: Some comment for message In Russia


Fernando, thank you for placing my article. Thank you all for your good comments. I was surprised by some comments. I thought that people would be interested in how to behave on the street during the shooting, or what or how to choose the oven, or how to resolve the issues with the water. But it turned out that people are interested in other issues. For me, it is clear that during the crisis should be a good metal door, on the windows should be sturdy metal grating.

Documents. And I have to keep their documents in my pocket. Maybe you have to urgently leave their country, or in your house will be destroyed, and your documents will be destroyed. This is a catastrophe! In today's world, man without documents - is the Invisible Man. Maybe, in your country the civil war, people die on the streets. The authorities of other states have decided to help you, and you are lucky, you got out of hell. But you have no documents. For example, you are a doctor, and You want to work in a new country. To You say, I do not have a diploma, my diploma destroyed, but I am a good doctor. To you speak, well, we have for you a job. Good work as the yard keeper.

Doors. When the USSR collapsed, the crime rate soared. People urgently change their old wooden entrance doors. Now in Russia quietly, but metal entrance door very popular now.
Recently I decided to put a new front door, and I had a few suggestions. One proposal has been very good - 5000 rubles (about $ 150). This door Imported from China. This door looked as excellent. But I know, what the Chinese have mastered the main rule of capitalism - less cost, more profit! Only not China! I need good door.

The next door was considerably more expensive - 15000 rubles (about $ 500). This door is made in Russia, and this door not beautiful as the Chinese door. But in this door were some good locks, and it was from a good metal. The next sentence was too expensive for me - 25000 rubles and above (about $ 850 and above). This door was made in Europe (I do not really believe it is likely that the door was made in China or Russia, but the word "Europe" sounds cool). In this door have been installed locks of the known company , but I am more than anything interesting have not noticed. And this door look better than Russian door , but not as the Chinese door:) I chose a simple Russian door. I have supported the Russian manufacturer :)
I read an interesting comment: "I remember when my dad bought" steel "doors for his new house, the doors were essentially two thin sheets of steel surrounding a wood core, in a door surround of EXTREMELY cheap pine. Looking at what was billed as a "security door", I realized that the door was designed that way on purpose, so that any police that wanted to enter the house without owner consent could do so with a swift kick. "

Perhaps your father bought the Chinese door in the Russian construction market:) See this link, there is an interesting video, you will have fun - http://www.illuzia.biz (this site about bad Chinese doors).

Then I read: "Bolt locks typically don't go any farther in the wall than this cheap doorjam, also on purpose. I have seen utility doors that are hollow steel with a thin steel doorjam, but those could be defeated with some sort of battering ram. The police state doesn't want to work at breaking into anybody's house. "
I think the government and police have nothing to do with bad doors. The main reason - greed merchants who sell bad door as good door. I buy a cheap door, do good advertising, sell cheap door at a high price. It's simple! Good luck!
P.S. My name is Dmitry :)
P.P.S. If You interested my articles, I ready to write new messages.


EN said...

Dmitry, I'm definitely interested in what you have to say and more would be better. I take everything you say to heart, and it has changed much of my thinking. There's something to be understood here, and you brought it home. Five or ten guys armed with Kalashnikovs and RPGs are not the guys to get into a gun fight with. Facing them alone on a street with canalized ways to escape ain't gonna work. You're giving some great advice as far as I can see and the price is definitely right.

The door stuff is worth a lot. It's made me rethink a lot of things.

DanT said...

Dimitry, Thank you for your interesting and informed articles.

I was wondering if you can tell me if you found that smaller towns, population of 50,000 or 100,000 coped better than the large cities.

Where did people live that enabled them to go through the event with the least turmoil.

Thanks again.

Uncle George said...

The security doors and windows are extremely important. In the USA we see an increasing number of home invasions. The criminals kick in the door, kill the occupants and steal everything of value. There is a metal security door that fits in front of a regular door, much like a screen, but made of steel. It is not something that can be gotten through easily. It is usually made in a pattern and creates a strong security door that cannot be kicked in. It is an extra tough door that is hard to smash through with a battering ram.

BulgarWheat said...

I'm going to beef up the doors and windows. Might as well get a jump on things. Most people in America have no idea what bad shape we're in here.

BulgarWheat said...

Uncle George, any names for manufacturers? URLs to review these items online?

Thanks in advance!

Bill in NC said...

The weakness in U.S. construction is the door jamb.

Even with an exterior metal door, the jamb is soft wood (usually pine) for any residential construction over the last 40 years.

Kicking the door results in the deadbolt ripping through the jamb.

You must remove the molding and apply reinforcement (easiest) - google "door jamb armor"- or replace the wood frame with a commercial metal frame.

Uncle George said...


I am in the USA and have looked at these doors at Lowes, Home Depot and some iron door specialty companies. If I were to look for URLs, I would google "security doors" or similar terms.

Sorry I don't have more online information, but I have only inspected these doors physically at the stores I mentioned.

Good hunting,
Uncle George

Anonymous said...

"...interested in how to behave on the street during the shooting, or what or how to choose the oven, or how to resolve the issues with the water..."

That would be interesting to read also.

The degrees of extreme, the cheapest vs. most expensive/smallest/best/most useful?

Did the water company change names?

Does "night-life" disappear?
Do you stand waiting in outside lines of people?
Is body armor required?

What's the most popularly traded item or skill set in causual settings?

Do you need to purchase a permit to carry a pistol?

What's the dirtiest location you've gotten heating or transportation fuel from?

Could you still buy light bulbs and matches, if yes, from what type of store, i.e. large or small, convenience or grocer? And were they air-conditioned in the Summer, warm in Winter?

Is gold money? Is gold or silver used directly as money? Or do you always have to turn it into a currency in order to spend it?

Do you carry a multi-tool?

cryingfreeman said...

Dmitry, spasibo bolshoie...

Yes, I too am very interested in your articles because I am convinced the only way we can truly prepare is to listen to people like you, who have experienced collapse and crisis.

I've been to Kyrgyzstan (former soviet state) twice in the past 5 years and I've seen how hard life is in the smaller cities, but now I hear that the electric is being cut off at night to save energy / money. I'd be interested in hearing from you how that can affect everyday life, especially in winter (assuming you've experienced it yourself at some time).

1111 said...

Production and installation of metal doors was a good small business that days in Russia...