Monday, March 15, 2010

CQB Dinamic Entry Class by Baigorria

This weekend, 20th and 21th at the Tiro Federal de Lomas de Zamora, should be interesting.
I encourage everyone that can to take Jorge Baigorria's classes.
I never left one feeling dissapointed and the close quarters combat (CQC) dinamic entry class should be pretty good.
If anyone here in Buenos Aires is going, see you there!
Remember the bug repellent!



Anonymous said...

Sounds pretty irresponsible to offer CQB dynamic entry type of class to civilians. Since when do they bust down doors?

or maybe Ferfals got contacts.

FerFAL said...

Nothing special, I know him already but as he explains in the link (Spanish of course) what used to be a special situation for special tactics teams has become a normal and even every day situation to deal with for the average citizen(given mostly what i constantly tlak about in this blog,unusually high crime and such)
And he's right.