Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eotech 550 Clone

Just got one from DX.

Of course its not the real deal but it costs 37.72 (shipping included world wide) vs $450 or so.
The quality sure isn't the same, but at that price as long as it works I'm a happy camper. The holo crosshiar looks ok, and focusing your sight on the target the crosshair kind of floats on top of it. Much nicer than the Tasco red dot I have.

Aluminum Alloy Laser Sight Rifle Scope

It arrived with nice packaging, something unusual for DX, including a manual, 2 AA batteries,  hex tool for adjustment and some sort of plastic cover. The holo crosshair can change from green to red and can be adjusted in brightness.
The general build is nicer than expected, feels and looks pretty solid.
How does it hold mounted on a rifle? Didn't try it yet, but I doubt other cheap brand names such as Tasco and Bushnell that cost 3 or 4 times as much hold zero much better.
Something worth considering if you can't or dont want to spend $450-$500  on the real thing but still want something similar to try out.



Jason Cato said...

I got a real one, though I didn't spend the extra money to get the NVG compatible model.
The real one is probably more waterproof and shock resistant. It would be good to put on a "fun gun"

Pitt said...


What are you planning on putting it on?

I just purchased an Aimpoint T1 clone and an Ultimak rail from Primary Arms. I mounted both on my converted Saiga .223 AK-47. I absolutely love the Ultimak and the red dot. I haven't gotten the chance to test out my new rig, but the reviews on all of Primary's products have been exceptional.

So from a frugal prepping point of view, I am very happy with the additions to my rifle.

I can already tell that this rail/red dot combo will allow me to take very fast reactive shots. I hope to use them on deer and wild hogs in the fall to test out their durablity in the field. I'm sure I'll be satisfied

I hope you have good luck with your clonesight and that it serves you well. Adios.

Anonymous said...

I love my Trijicon Reflex with the 12.5 MOA amber chevron on an AR-15 carbine with the ARMS mount mid point on the weapon. 25 yard point of impact is bottom of triangle, 100-200 yard point of impact is middle of triangle, and 300 yard point of impact is top of triangle. Tritium lit chevron at night ... no batteries required. A wonderful device for most carbines unless you're running NV. And there is no substitute for quality. Sight and mount was $500+ and worth it if you can afford it.